Infinity EQ: An Equalizer for the Ages


Steven Slate is known for many things—creating industry-leading drum samples, fashioning world-class analog emulations—but a sleekly modern, 24-band EQ isn’t one of them. On Janurary 16, 2020, that changes: Slate Digital announced its new Infinity EQ, and we here at B&H are excited to carry it as soon as it becomes available. It is sure to be a boon for any mixing engineer who wants analog sound on a digital deadline.

The interface may be recognizable to lovers of Fabfilter, iZotope, DMG Audio, or CraveDSP. Need a parametric boost at 2 kHz? Just click it in and there it is. Move anywhere with your mouse, change it to a high-pass or low pass filter with the click of a button, and engage M/S operation at will.

This has become more and more par for the course over the last decade, though Slate has provided his own spin, allowing you to change bandwidth, frequency, and level with as few mouse-clicks as possible. Full Raven support with lightning-fast response times are also assured.

Where Infinity EQ distinguishes itself in its analog-modelled curves—built on a legacy of popular EQ emulations, the Infinity captures the frequency and phase response of analog gear. This ensures crisp or silky highs that are never harsh, as well as full lows that avoid mud wherever possible.

As for M/S tweaks, the equalizer employs a slider control: not only can you flip between M/S implementation on a per band basis, you can variably select how much a curve favors the mids or sides. This control is not offered by many of the competitors.

To get you up and running, Slate has included presets from Mike Dean and mastering engineer Howie Weinberg, among others. Though the EQ won’t release with dynamic options, Slate has promised to include them in future updates to the plug-in.

If any of this piques your fancy, keep coming back: we’ll have this one on our site soon.