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Cranborne Audio is a boutique British audio company known for trying new things. Its Carnaby 500 HarmonicEQ, a unique equalizer module for the 500-series rack system, utilizes a truly inventive method of boosting and cutting frequency content using genuine analog harmonic saturation. Now, Cranborne presents the
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Combining the legacy of classic Baxandall equalization with the flexibility of mid/side processing, the Heritage Audio SYMPH EQ provides capable master bus tone shaping for finessing a final mixing, sweetening stems, or mastering your own material. When the song's sound needs musicality more than parametric surgery, look to the SYMPH EQ to impart its natural sonic character without artifacts or undesired phasing. It offers high- and
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Steven Slate is known for many things—creating industry-leading drum samples, fashioning world-class analog emulations—but a sleekly modern, 24-band EQ isn’t one of them. On Janurary 16, 2020, that changes: Slate Digital announced its new Infinity EQ, and we here at B&H are excited to carry it as soon as it becomes available. It is sure to be a boon for any mixing engineer who wants analog sound on a digital deadline. The interface may be recognizable to lovers of Fabfilter, iZotope, DMG Audio, or CraveDSP. Need a parametric boost at 2 kHz
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In this video, AB demonstrates how to use a parametric EQ to shape your sound. By cutting frequencies you don’t like and boosting the “good stuff,” you can apply this technique to sweeten any audio track you’re working with. To read more about the EQ series, click here. For more audio-specific videos, click here. Come back often to watch our world of videos
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In this new series on using equalizers (EQ), our man AB offers a very quick description of what an EQ is, and the various types of equalizers one can use. For this part, it’s Graphic EQ vs. Parametric EQ! What's the difference? When do you use one over the other? To read more about the EQ series, click here. For more audio-specific videos, click here. Come back often to watch our
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In this introductory video to a new series on using EQs, A.B. gives a very quick description of what an EQ is, and he outlines what will be covered in the subsequent video. To read more about the EQ series, click here. More of Our Pro Audio Videos, click here. Come back often to watch our world of videos at BandH.com.
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So, you want to get into mastering, and you’ve found yourself here. Welcome. Soon we will cover topics like compression and limiting—mayhaps, monitoring and room treatment to boot—but first, we’re going to give you a few insights into a process with tons of tonal impact on the final master. I speak, of course, of equalization. The General Approach It is often said that EQ adjustments in the realm of mastering are usually subtle. If you watch a tutorial or stand over the shoulder of a mastering engineer, you’ll frequently notice minute changes
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An equalizer or EQ is a device that adjusts the loudness of specific frequencies, and is available in a variety of types including shelf, graphic, parametric, and semi-parametric, which allow for surgical precision to wide-band adjustments. With such a wide range of classic designs to more esoteric offerings, the sheer number of EQs available can be a bit overwhelming. This article will help you make sense of what 500 Series EQ can do and will help guide you in finding the perfect EQ for your application. EQ Types Shelf EQs are quite common on
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For our final installment in the 500-Series guide, we’ll be looking at the available offerings of effects in the 500-Series format. I’m also including more utility modules that aren’t necessarily an “effect,” but don’t fall under the Preamp, EQ, or Compressor categories and are quite useful, nonetheless. Specialty Modules If you are after some serious color, it’s worth checking out the Big Bear Audio MP1+, which provides a low-noise,
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Audiophiles rejoice! B&H is happy to announce the inclusion of a premier high-fidelity brand to the company’s ever-expanding catalog of professional and personal audio solutions.  Marantz offers a broad range of home hi-fi equipment that includes CD players, super audio CD players, Blu-ray players, network