JBL Introduces EON700 Series Portable PA Loudspeakers and Subwoofer with Bluetooth


JBL’s newly announced EON700 Series portable PA loudspeakers and subwoofer with Bluetooth represent a major step forward in innovation and technology for the popular EON range. By upgrading drivers and amplifiers, refining waveguides, supercharging the effects package, and incorporating the most up-to-date Bluetooth protocol and universal app control, the JBL engineers have delivered a pro-grade system that sounds clear and natural at any volume, anywhere in the room, and makes setup and operation a breeze.


The EON700 Series offers three 1300W peak / 650W RMS 2-way powered loudspeakers: the 10" EON710 (125 dB max SPL) for mobile musicians and presenters, 12" EON712 (127 dB max SPL) for small to medium venues, and 15" EON715 (128 dB max SPL) for larger venues.


And for wherever low-frequency reinforcement is needed, the 1500W peak / 750W RMS 18" EON718S (131 dB max SPL) powered subwoofer produces smooth, natural bass down to 31 Hz. An optional EON700 Universal Yoke Mount is available to expand your system’s configuration options.

EON700 Universal Yoke Mount
EON700 Universal Yoke Mount

Designed to scale with user’s needs effortlessly, these loudspeakers can be configured as mains or stage monitors, hung or stacked in portable systems or permanent installations for solo singer/songwriter gigs and presentations, full-band and DJ performances, or corporate and worship events.

Iconic Acoustics, Superior Sound

JBL’s advanced waveguide and transducer technologies, coupled with highly efficient amplification, ensure uniform coverage across the entire listening area, even when you push the system to the limit.

Woofers are redesigned for lower impedance and higher efficiency. An improved horn delivers a smooth off-axis beamwidth and JBL’s powerful 2414H compression driver features a premium neodymium magnet for balanced bass in a lightweight footprint.

Dial Up Great Sound Fast with Advanced DSP

JBL Pro Connect App
JBL Pro Connect App

Thanks to built-in, advanced DSP and presets optimized for a range of scenarios, the EON Series makes it easier than ever for performers to sound their best without having to rely on outboard gear.

Comprehensive control over an 8-band output EQ, limiters, speaker delay, dbx Automatic Feedback Suppression, ducking, and other speaker functions are easily accessible on-speaker via an integrated backlit LCD screen or from anywhere in the venue via Bluetooth using the JBL Pro Connect App.

Low-Latency Bluetooth Audio Streaming

The built-in Bluetooth 5.0 audio streaming function offers the newest protocol’s security features, low latency, broad range, and improved audio fidelity. Use Bluetooth streaming to play pre-recorded backing tracks for singer-songwriter gigs, stream your favorite playlist to set the mood for any party, or play audio during conferences and events.

Input Panel

The rear panel provides two XLR-1/4" TRS combination inputs for hooking up microphones and line-level signals, plus a built-in 3-channel digital mixer. An XLR loop-thru is available for routing signal to additional EON700 speakers.

Rugged and Reliable Construction

To ensures longevity in the “real world,” the full-range speakers are housed in an FEA-optimized composite enclosure, taking advantage of injection-molding and mechanical-shaping techniques for added durability without sacrificing cabinet size or performance. The subwoofer is housed in a rugged 15-ply birch enclosure. Computer-optimized ergonomic handles make moving the speakers a breeze.

Configure Your System Your Way

Full-range models feature top and rear suspension points for flying speakers. Rear suspension points serve as connections for fixed installations, using the optional EON700 Universal Yoke Mount. Indexed feet molded into the enclosure enable a range of acoustic configurations and secure stacking for traditional stand-up configurations and convenient storage and transport. The EON718S subwoofer features a threaded pole mount for full-range speakers and is easily stacked for cardioid configurations.

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