New Portable JBL PAs with Bluetooth 5.0


Sorry live-sound engineers—JBL is giving content producers, fitness instructors, and presenters-on-the-go a sound quality heretofore reserved for the concert hall: the IRX108BT and IRX110BT loudspeakers. These speakers sound great, play loud, suppress horrible mic feedback (a headline unto itself), and remain surprisingly wallet-friendly to boot. They also give you Bluetooth 5.0 streaming at the touch of a button.

The IRX108BT, the smaller of the two IRX models, draws from 70 years of JBL innovations to give you a whopping 1,000W of power out of its 8” woofer, doing so at a frequency range of 54 Hz to 20 kHz! The monitor offers Bluetooth 5.0 audio streaming at the touch of a button, and you can link two speakers to give you a comprehensive stereo picture.

You’ll find XLR/TRS connections for hooking up microphones and line-level signal. In fact, if you plug a mic into the mic input, it will automatically detect speech and duck music on the Bluetooth input, making it eminently useful for presentation contexts.

JBL IRX108BT Compact Powered 8" Portable Speaker with Bluetooth
Front and Rear of JBL IRX108BT

Four EQ presets help you get a great sound right off the bat, and built-in dbx automatic feedback suppression means you won’t get nearly as many pesky squeals from your microphone in situations where other PAs would only double down on feedback. A built-in pole mount lets you mount the speaker with ease.

The IRX108BT can play audio at levels of up to 124 dB SPL. However, if that’s not enough, you can choose the IRX112BT, which gives you a power output of 1300W at 129 dB SPL. It accomplishes this despite not being much heavier than the IRX108BT, making it eminently portable.

Whichever model you choose, you can pick one up today at our SuperStore, or check them out online. So what are you waiting for?