New Saramonic Blink Wireless Systems Now at B&H


It’s called the Blink, but when it comes to entering the world of wireless audio with a bang, Saramonic sure isn’t blinking. That’s right, Saramonic is releasing the Blink 500 Wireless System—a transmitter, lapel mic, and receiver geared toward DSLR, mirrorless, and mobile filmmaking. Whether you’re a journalist, a vlogger, or a run-and-gun filmmaker on a budget, this little wireless system will find a place in your kit.

What makes Blink different from its peers? The most obvious answer is its dual-channel receiver. Not only is it camera-mountable and compact—it’s also very wallet friendly; this dual-channel receiver will run you about the same as a one-channel model from the closest competitor.

The system itself involves the dual-channel receiver and a bodyback transmitter with an omnidirectional lapel mic, and there are two-person systems that include two transmitters and lapel mics. To tailor the system even more for your specific needs, you can select among models compatible with Lightning iOS devices, USB Type-C devices, or DSLR and Mirrorless cameras.

The transmitter makes use of 24-bit/48 kHz resolution, which is the professional broadcast standard. It offers dedicated gain buttons to allow you to adjust the levels easily. The signal that comes from the transmitter is line level, so you don’t have to crank the gain on your camera and add noise to the recording.

An omnidirectional lapel mic is included with the transmitter, but here’s the thing: The transmitter sports a built-in condenser mic, should you want to eschew the lapel mic altogether. This may come in handy for interviews, where it’s not imperative to hide the lav. When you leave the mic out of it, you have a truly wireless system on your hands!

TX Transmitter in Use
TX Transmitter in Use
TX Transmitter with Lav
TX Transmitter with Lav

The receiver operates in 2.4 GHz band, thereby avoiding the interference issues endemic to many other wireless systems. Automatic channel hopping is on hand so that your signal is always strong across its 164' range. Transmitters and receivers are paired at the factory, so even total neophytes can get the system working, out of the box, in no time! Thankfully, manually pairing the transmitter with the receiver is an easy affair, too. You can use up to two transmitters with one receiver, and operate up to 18 systems total at the same time.

We’re happy to welcome the Saramonic Blink Wireless System to our warehouse, and we can provide them to you in a variety of configurations. We have single-transmitter systems available for Lightning iOS devices, USB Type-C devices, and DSLR/mirrorless cameras), as well as dual-transmitter systems for the same devices (Lightning iOS devices, USB Type-C devices, and DSLR/mirrorless cameras).

You can also piecemeal the system together yourself by purchasing the transmitters and a Lightning iOS, USB Type-C, or DSLR/mirrorless receiver separately.

Whatever your whim, whatever your fancy, come by the SuperStore today to check out a Saramonic Blink Wireless System. Or, check us out online!