QSC Announces 8- and 12-Inch Compact Powered Series Loudspeakers


QSC has been making high-quality, affordable pro-audio equipment for live sound, cinema, and install markets for more than five decades. The announcement of a new Compact Powered (CP) series will surely turn some heads, because QSC has leveraged its technology for high-quality powered speakers into an even more affordable and lightweight package.

Aimed at portable and installation markets, the CP8 and CP12 provide ease in loading, carrying, lifting, and deployment for a variety of applications. Whether you're an entertainer, a lecturer, or someone who needs a speaker for their house of worship, you'll be sure to value the complement of features this monitor employs. Have a line level input, a microphone input, and a music playback device you'd like to hear? CP loudspeakers will handle all three of them at the same time, making them useful all-in-one PA systems that are eminently easy to set up. You can also mount the CP on a speaker pole, yoke it to the ceiling with optional accessories, place it on the floor as a vocal monitor, and more.

The CP8 is equipped with a highly efficient 1000W Class-D amplifier, delivering 800W to the 8" woofer and 200W to the 1.4" compression driver, which combine to offer a frequency response of 56 Hz to 20 kHz with a maximum SPL of 124 dB. The CP12 features the same amplifier configuration, but utilizes a 12" woofer, offering an extended frequency response of 49 Hz to 20 kHz and a maximum SPL of 126 dB. Additionally, the CP8 and CP12 offer axisymmetric coverage angles of 90° and 75° respectively.

The rear panel features two combo XLR-1/4" inputs for channels one and two, as well as a 3.5mm input for connecting portable music playback systems. Designed for most dynamic, handheld microphones or audio sources that have a low line level signal, Channel 2 features a +25-dB microphone boost. The XLR-M out provides a post gain output for daisy-chaining additional speakers for expanded coverage. There are six onboard DSP contours for application-specific settings that voice the loudspeaker, depending on how you intend to use it.

These settings include:

  • Default – A factory voicing for use with instruments, live music, or prerecorded material
  • Default Ext Sub – A setting offering an 80 Hz high-pass filter, making it suitable for use with external subwoofers such as the KS112 (available separately)
  • Dance – A voicing that boosts the low frequencies and provides clarity/presence in the midrange/treble areas, making it well-equipped to handle prerecorded pop or electronic music
  • Dance Ext Sub – A voicing like the Dance setting, but offering an 80 Hz high-pass filter for use with external subwoofers
  • Floor Monitor – The optimal setting when using this loudspeaker as a wedge monitor, providing a hefty, yet balanced sound, and offering a measure of stability when paired with live microphones
  • Speech – A setting for added clarity when paired with handheld dynamic microphones or headset mics (only available on Channel B)

The CP8 has a variety of accessories available, including an outdoor weather cover, a travel tote, and a U-bracket for mounting on walls or ceilings. Like the CP8, the CP12 also offers an outdoor weather cover, a travel tote, and a U-bracket mount.

The CP-Series compact powered loudspeakers offer great value for high-quality, lightweight sound reinforcement. For more information about other QSC products visit the B&H website or come on down the B&H SuperStore.  

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