QSC Introduces Its New K.2 Series Line of Powered Loudspeakers


Following its success with the reputed K Series, QSC raises the bar again by announcing the new K.2 Series, the company’s anticipated next generation of powered loudspeakers. Also, introduced this spring is the new KS212C, a single-box powered cardioid subwoofer.

The K.2 Series features the 8" K8.2, the 10" K10.2, and the 12" K12.2. Each speaker is equipped with a 2,000W power module that is carefully matched to a high-performance woofer and compression driver. Performance is optimized by employing extensive digital signal processing (DSP) with Intrinsic Correction tuning and Directivity-Matched Transition (DMT), which ensure smooth coverage across the entire listening area.

The K.2 speakers come with a library of preset contours that provides users with a highly flexible method of configuring the speaker system for a specific use, with minimal time and effort. Presets are tailored for common applications, such as stage monitor, dance floor, musical instrument amplification, handheld Microphone, and more. Furthermore, user-configurable settings such as input type, delay, EQ, crossover, and selected contour can be stored in Scenes and later recalled, using the loudspeakers’ LCD screen and control panel.

Offered as a complement to the K.2 line, as well as the original K-Series range of loudspeakers, the new KS212C is a single box powered cardioid subwoofer designed for portable entertainment and installation applications. Like the K.2 Series, this subwoofer provides advanced DSP with onboard, user-controllable and recallable Scenes, via its LCD screen and control panel. Equipped with dual 12" long-excursion drivers and powered by a 3,600W amplifier, the KS212C is able to manage unwanted low-frequency build-up on stage, as well as undesired, wasted LF energy at the rear of the system, “keeping bass in its place.”