RØDE Announces VideoMic Me-C Mini Shotgun Mic for USB-C Android Mobile Devices


If you're shooting video with your Android mobile device and need to upgrade its sound capture quality, the RØDE VideoMic Me-C is well worth your consideration. This miniature, ultracompact shotgun mic plugs right into your Android smartphone or tablet via its USB Type-C connector, using the connection point as a mount, as well. Since it has a headphone port on the back of the body, you can monitor your audio to make sure it’s clean, without having to disconnect the mic.

With its simple plug-and-play form factor, the mic is perfectly suited for mobile video recording. Even if you shoot outdoors, the mic is capable, thanks in part to the supplied furry windshield, which significantly cuts down on the noise from ever-present winds. It utilizes a sensitive condenser capsule with a cardioid polar pattern to focus the audio capture on what's directly in front of the capsule while reducing ambient noise behind the mic, giving more professional results than the omnidirectional mics built into most mobile devices.

When connected to your Android device’s USB Type-C port, the mic captures audio in a broadcast-quality 48 kHz sample-rate at a full 24 bits, making it suitable for use in pro circumstances. Even though the mic is designed to mount directly on top of your USB Type-C port, it comes with a dedicated mic clip should you need to secure it further. No need to concern yourself with batteries; the VideoMic Me-C is powered through USB. With durable and lightweight aluminum construction, this RØDE mic is ready for the trials of location recording and run-and-gun video production.

Use the Comments section, below, to tell us about your mobile rig and what you’d do with the VideoMic Me-C. If you shoot with an iPhone, check out the Lightning-equipped VideoMic Me-L.

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Great Article! Definitely picking this up!