RØDE NT-USB Mini Microphone Puts High Quality in a Miniature Form


The new RØDE NT-USB Mini puts the high-quality sound of RØDE studio mics into a compact desktop USB microphone purpose-built for podcasters, live streamers, gamers, and YouTube content creators. With its user-friendly controls, plug-and-play operation, and space-saving design, the RØDE NT-USB Mini lets you work quickly and get rewarding results. 

RØDE NT-USB Mini USB Microphone

For starters, you can get started immediately with the RØDE NT-USB Mini. Forget about installing drivers or special apps; just plug the mic into your computer via USB and open your preferred recording program. It works at 24-bit / 48 kHz for an optimal combination of software compatibility and audio quality. The built-in swing mount swivels 360 degrees for smooth and precise positioning on a mic stand, broadcast boom arm, or the included detachable magnetic desk stand, which is constructed to isolate the mic from extraneous vibrations. Thanks to the RØDE NT-USB Mini’s sturdy steel and reinforced nylon resin materials, you can rely on it session after session.  

If you aren’t familiar with tweaking mic settings, it’s not a problem. With the RØDE NT-USB Mini, you only have to handle a single control, the clearly labeled headphone volume knob on the front panel. Everything else is taken care of for you—even the headphone setup. Once you plug in your headphones and turn up the headphone volume, the RØDE NT-USB Mini’s zero-latency monitoring ensures that you’ll hear your signal without the problematic echo that plagues many digital recording systems.   

Like the RØDE studio mics that came before it, the sound of the RØDE NT-USB Mini is tuned to please the discerning ear. Since it is tonally optimized for warmth and clarity, it complements a variety of sources, such as spoken word, vocals, and acoustic instruments. By rejecting sound behind the mic, the cardioid polar pattern of the NT-USB Mini reduces the presence of room ambience in your recordings—especially helpful if you work in a room that isn’t acoustically treated—so you capture a more direct and intelligible tone. Plus, the RØDE NT-USB Mini features an integral pop filter to tame distracting plosives that commonly occur on “p” and “b” sounds.    

Whether you’re about to start your first podcast, track vocals for a new song, create an online tutorial, or stream some gameplay, the RØDE NT-USB Mini can help you achieve quality audio in no time. Stop by the B&H SuperStore or visit our website to learn more about this mighty, miniature microphone!