RØDE Updates NT-USB Desktop USB Mic with New NT-USB+ Version


Updating its lineup of USB microphones, RØDE has recently announced the new iteration of the company’s popular NT-USB, the NT-USB+ desktop USB-C microphone with next-generation features for recording exceptional audio directly to a computer, smartphone, or tablet.

NT-USB+ Desktop USB-C Microphone
NT-USB+ Desktop USB-C Microphone

Aimed at musicians and content creators, the NT-USB+ improves on its predecessor with high-resolution 24-bit/48 kHz analog-to-digital conversion and RØDE’s ultra-low-noise, high-gain Revolution Preamp, delivering enhanced audio quality with stunning clarity and an impressive 118 dB SPL for a wide range of recording applications, including vocals, instruments, podcasting, streaming, and more.

This new version of the mic also features powerful internal DSP, which allows users to apply advanced APHEX audio processing via RØDE’s free podcasting and streaming software, RØDE Connect. This includes a high-pass filter for cutting out low-end rumble, a noise gate for eliminating background noise, a compressor for delivering punchy and balanced sound, and the legendary Aural Exciter and Big Bottom effects for rich, broadcast voice tone.

The NT-USB+’s studio-grade condenser capsule evokes the warm and clear sound of a classic large-diaphragm condenser microphone with full frequency response. The cardioid polar pattern focuses on the sound source, picking up less unwanted room noise from the rear and sides.

The mic comes with a high-quality, detachable pop filter for minimizing plosives, as well as a tripod mount for perfect positioning on a desktop. A high-power headphone output provides flawless, zero-latency audio monitoring and playback, complete with hands-on level and monitor-mix controls.

Very easy to use, compact, and versatile, the NT-USB+ features a class-compliant USB-C output that is plug-and-play compatible with Mac and Windows computers. The mic is also fully compatible with any Android and iOS smartphone or tablet, making it an excellent portable recording solution.

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