Roland GO:MIXER PRO-X Portable Mixer for Smartphone Content Creators


Putting versatile audio mixing power and user-friendly operability in a portable and ultracompact form factor for all kinds of smartphone-wielding content creators, Roland’s GO:MIXER PRO-X is a welcome addition to the world of mobile audio. Whether podcasting, livestreaming, or shooting music videos and behind-the-scenes footage on a budget, the GO:MIXER PRO-X empowers you with the ability to mix up to seven input sources into virtually any smartphone or tablet, be it a Lightning-equipped iPhone, an iPad or Android device with USB Type-C, or a mobile device with a 3.5mm headphone port. It even has a loopback function for doing voice-over or play-along performances atop existing content.

When it comes to inputs, the GO:MIXER PRO-X is well rounded. It has an XLR-1/4" combo mic input with 48V phantom power to handle a dynamic or condenser microphone, as well as a dedicated 1/4" Hi-Z input with a selectable pad for a guitar or bass with passive or active pickups. Got a stereo keyboard or beat machine? Just connect its stereo outputs to the PRO-X’s stereo 1/4" input jacks on the left side. Additionally, it has two stereo line inputs on 3.5mm mini jacks, ideal for bringing in music from an external media player or an audio feed from a camera-mount mixer.

More connectivity is offered in the way of a 3.5mm TRRS headphone port that also supports a headset mic for a second mic input, and two “host” options—a 3.5mm TRRS mini jack for analog smartphone audio I/O and a micro-USB port for digital connection to your mobile device. By the way, 3.5mm TRRS, Lightning, and USB Type-C cables are included. Looking at all the jacks on the GO:MIXER PRO-X, not only can you connect mic-, instrument-, and line-level sources, but you can also hook up headphones for easy personal monitoring.

Speaking of easy, the GO:MIXER PRO-X is built for an intuitive workflow that doesn’t make you scale a learning curve. The face of the unit features five large dials labeled with commonplace, clearly identified icons for what they control, such as the mic, guitar, and instrument inputs. The face also has LEDs for indication of power status and peaking level. Making this device even more user-friendly is the fact that it can be powered either by four AAA batteries or through the Lightning or USB Type-C connection to your smartphone.

Considering all that, the GO:MIXER PRO-X is a capable companion for content creators on the go or trying to keep their setup small. Let us know in the Comments section, below, how it could change the game for you!