Rycote Cyclone Windshield Kit


Are you looking for a windshield and mic suspension solution that can stand up to even the windiest of weather conditions? If so, check out the new Cyclone Windshield Kit from Rycote, which features a two-piece "Z-Locking" basket design that magnetically affixes around your microphone, isolating the mic from wind-caused noise. Up to 50 dB of reduction can be achieved with use of the Cyclone Windshield alone, and more than 60 dB is possible when used with a Windjammer on top of it, making it great for a multitude of outdoor ENG, broadcast, and film applications.

Due to its cone-like shape, the Cyclone Windshield reduces reflections from parallel surfaces in the recording environment, helping to provide clean audio recordings during outdoor interviews, location shoots, and more. The included suspension provides isolation against handling noise, cable-borne noises, and windshield basket self-noise, thereby improving recording quality as well.