Shure GLX-D Advanced Digital Wireless System


Shure has announced the GLX-D Advanced Digital Wireless System, its latest multi-system wireless solution with automatic frequency management, rechargeability, and high-quality design and construction, designed to meet the demands of small-to-medium houses of worship, educational institutions, and music venues. The system boasts a powerful suite of feature-rich products, including the GLX-D Advanced Frequency Managers, rackmount receiver systems, and remote-antenna-mounting options, which all integrate seamlessly to provide simple setup and operation in the most demanding applications.

The GLX-D4R Receiver features LINKFREQ Automatic Frequency Management (2.4 GHz) and an integrated battery charge port for charging a Shure lithium-ion battery. The front panel offers a high-resolution LCD screen, which displays the system status and real-time battery life in hours and minutes with an accuracy with +/-15 minutes. Each battery offers up to 16 hours of run time. Additional features include a remote adjustable transmitter gain control, XLR and 1/4" output connectors, and a two-color LED charging indicator. The GLX-D4R receiver is enclosed in a rugged metal chassis and ships with two detachable antennas, a power supply, and rackmount hardware.

Shure GLX-D4R Digital Wireless Multi-System Receiver

Like traditional wireless signal combiners, the Advanced Frequency Manager connects up to six GLX-D4R receivers. Once connected and powered on, the frequency manager automatically assigns optimal frequencies to all six receivers utilizing patented RF cable communication to create a linked receiver community. The frequency manager uses the shared frequency scan 2.4 GHz band to assign and update the best available frequencies regularly for all receivers. The new technology uses only six frequency bands for six receivers, instead of 18 bands in previous models. This allows for more room in the spectrum for backup bands or for adding additional receivers. By adding a second frequency manager, you can add additional receivers for up to nine (typical) or 11 (optimal).

Shure UA846Z2 GLXD Frequency Manager

There are currently four handheld transmitters including the SM58, SM86, Beta58A, and Beta87A capsules, as well as bodypack transmitters that are compatible with lavalier / headset mics and guitar instrument inputs. Additionally, the GLXD6 Guitar Pedal, which integrates into your guitar effect pedal board alongside stomp boxes. The GLXD6 features an integrated tuner with strobe and needle tuning modes with a mutable output.