Total MPC Hardware and Software Unity with Akai MPC Studio


A complete and unified system for electronic music production, Akai Professional’s MPC Studio merges purpose-built hardware and potent DAW software, offering fluid creativity and intuitive workflow to all beat makers, remixers, and producers. So, give your mouse a break and stop squinting at your screen; use MPC Studio to take control of your artistic processes while experiencing a new level of power and speed.

Big League Pads

Whether you’re dropping and chopping loops, building an instrumental, or adding effects to introduce drama and ear-candy, MPC Studio is designed to make it all easier. Prominently featured on the hardware controller are 16 RGB pads that are full size and velocity sensitive; they’re hard to miss and they ensure proper translation of performance dynamics, from soft keyboard parts to bombastic drum hits. The ability to switch between Note and Chord modes means that you can jump seamlessly from constructing the beat to layering instruments.

Assignable Touch Strip

Since MPC Studio is outfitted with a 5.5" vertical touch strip with LED indicators, it lets you manipulate your sounds in fun and expressive ways, in real time. Knobs, sliders, parameters, or even effects can be assigned to the strip, yielding limitless ways of tweaking and warping your tracks. Make a string part rise up, impart realism to a performance, control drum rolls, and much more.

Onboard Color Screen

The purpose of MPC Studio is to let your mind stay focused on the music. So, it provides an onboard color screen to keep your eyes from wandering off the hardware. This display delivers the visual feedback you need to peruse your library of content, fine-tune settings, or cut the edge of a waveform, all without breaking away from the controller.

Top-Notch Plug-Ins

Issued with more than 100 virtual instrument and effects plug-ins, MPC Studio has the sonic versatility to work in anything from rap and trap to ambient electronica and genre-bending pop. The award-winning Air Music Tech company is responsible for the array of insert effects plug-ins, including AIR Vocal Suite for vocal sweetening and doubling, harmonizing, and pitch correction. It also comes with loops from Decap, F9 Audio, MVP Loops, Rawcutz, Snipe Young, and more.

MPC2 Software

As mentioned before, this is a complete and unified system. So, it includes the widely popular MPC2 software from Akai Professional. This robust, full-featured program boasts a 128-track sequencer, high-end MIDI editing functionality, time stretching (in real time), loads of built-in plug-ins, and compatibility with third-party VSTs. Even without extra plug-ins, MPC Studio has the goods to go from a musical spark to a finished mix. If you want to go beyond software, MPC Studio’s 3.5mm MIDI input and output jacks are perfect for syncing external synths, beat machines, and Eurorack modules.


When it comes to beat making, Akai’s MPC is a legend. MPC Studio builds on its foundation to present a truly harmonious music production ecosystem that gives today’s artists immense creative control and a highly competitive edge.

What element of MPC Studio would raise the bar for you? Share your thoughts in the Comments section, below.