Zoom Releases New PodTrak P4 Recorder and Mic for Podcasters


You need to record quality podcasts on a budget, and you need a streamlined, portable device to handle multiple people and remote guests all in one shot. Does this sound like you? Then you need to check out the PodTrak P4, Zoom’s first recorder tailored specifically for podcasting and podcasting alone.

Zoom PodTrak P4 Portable Multitrack Podcast Recorder
Zoom PodTrak P4 Portable Multitrack Podcast Recorder

With the PodTrak P4, getting high-quality podcast recordings has never been so easy. The device lets you plug four mics directly into the unit, and gives you multiple, simultaneous options for handling remote guests from your smartphone or your computer. With four dedicated headphone jacks—each with its own volume control—everyone will hear the audio exactly as loud as they need it to be.

Should you have a remote guest calling in to your podcast, you’ll love the options provided in the PodTrak P4. Plug your phone right into a dedicated TRRS input, or make use of the BTA-2 Bluetooth adapter (available separately) to stream audio wirelessly from your smartphone into that TRRS channel.

If you’re talking to someone over VoIP, you can plug your Skype- or Zoom-enabled computer into a dedicated USB-C port. What’s more, you can combine two remote options at any one time: if you have one remote guest connecting over Bluetooth and another over your computer, that is no problem whatsoever; both will be heard.

No matter which way you choose to connect, you’ll be happy that Zoom provided a mix-minus connection for your remote guest. They’ll only hear the conversation, not an annoying echo of their own voice. Everything will work seamlessly, in other words.

The PodTrak P4 has inputs for four XLR microphones, each with 70 dB of gain to accommodate the quietest microphones and switchable phantom power for condenser mics. Each XLR input has switchable built-in limiting so you can focus on having a great conversation, rather than riding the levels. Note the per-input mute buttons, which let you easily cut any mic signal to keep the mix clean. Four headphone outputs accommodate all your in-person guests, and each guest will be able to ride their own levels.

The unit, though compact, has four pads for storing and triggering jingles, cues, and bumper music. Eleven pre-recorded sounds come stock with the PodTrak P4. And remember that USB-C connection we just highlighted? That’s really one of two: the other lets you run the device as a 2-in/2-out USB audio interface with Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android devices. Use this connection to record your podcast to a stereo track, or to stream live.

For multitrack recording, the PodTrak P4 offers an SD slot able to handle 512 GB of audio. You can record each XLR input, the remote input, and the soundboard all to their own individual files. The PodTrak P4 will even create a master stereo recording of your mix, as you hear it, for quick and easy exporting.

Now, that’s not the only new piece of gear Zoom has to offer today. The company has also released the ZDM-1 Dynamic Microphone. This is a broadcast-quality mic specifically geared toward podcasting and the spoken word.

Snag it on its own, or pick up the ZDM-1PMP Mic Pack, which bundles the mic with a pair of headphones, a tabletop stand, a windscreen, and a long mic cable.

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