360 Video Accessories

by Mary Latvis ·Posted 11/13/2018
Truly immerse your viewers in your VR recordings with the AUROVIS Argus 360˚ Spherical VR Camera. AUROVIS highlights the importance of audio in creating life-like virtual reality with an impressive array of 64 ambisonic microphones. With FPGA circuitry and a proprietary algorithm to boost processing speeds, the AUROVIS Argus uses in-camera, real-time stitching for live-streaming with preview right from the camera. This pro-style VR
4,119 Views ·Posted 10/23/2018
Join AB as he examines the new Zoom H3-VR Handy Recorder, an all-in-one, 360° audio-recording solution. With features such as Ambisonics A-to-B conversion, single-knob microphone gain capabilities, internal gyroscope, and a compact form factor, the H3-VR is a powerful and portable solution for your 360° audio needs. We hope you enjoy the video, and invite you to view the wide selection of other
by Jill Waterman ·Posted 12/07/2017
Immersive content is the next wave in visual storytelling. Interest in 360° Video has grown by leaps and bounds in the past few years, particularly given technological advances that have made the process more available to consumers than ever. Yet, this rapid growth and the proliferation of new tools can make it difficult to keep up with the best approach to creating quality content, especially for those lacking a media background. Therefore, we were eager to attend the inaugural NY VR Expo 2017, held at New York’s Jacob Javits Center from
by M. Brett Smith ·Posted 05/24/2017
Today, Garmin debuted the VIRB 360, its first-ever foray into the exciting world of immersive 360-degree video. Building on the established prestige of the VIRB-series action cams, the new VIRB 360 is a compact, ruggedized, waterproof action cam capable of shooting stunning 5.7K video unstitched (or 4K stitched). The VIRB 360 uses front and rear wide-angle lenses and four separate microphones to capture everything around you,
by Ronald Francis ·Posted 03/03/2017
You take photos and videos with your phone all day; how about upgrading to surround-vision 360? The Insta360 Air is a micro-size spherical VR camera that attaches right onto your Android phone, controlled via an included Android app. Featuring either a micro-USB or a USB Type-C connector on the bottom, it simply plugs into your phone and gives you 360-degree capture capability. Only 1.5” in diameter, it’s smaller than a golf-ball and easy to carry with you everywhere. Just pull it out of your pocket or bag, pop it in, and shoot away as you
by BH Online Videos ·Posted 01/20/2017
Looking for spherical video solutions to spice up your production? The aptly named Sphere, from Teradek, might be the answer. In this quick preview video, check out how you can set up the Sphere with GoPro HERO cameras and take advantage of the pro-grade features that the Sphere contains, such as real-time stitching, fine image