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Championing versatility with a dynamic new lens for content creators, Tamron has announced the development of the 17-50mm f/4 Di III VXD, an ultra-wide-angle zoom for full-frame Sony E cameras, which is expected to be available later this fall. This lens suits video and photo needs with a unique focal length range that includes an ultra-wide 17mm position that’s perfect for broad fields of view as well as for interior settings,
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Are you new to the world of ultra-wide lenses? Follow along as Matt Zefi shares his favorite tips and tricks for capturing incredible images using an ultra-wide focal length lens. 0:00 - Introduction 0:14 - What is an Ultra-Wide-Angle Lens? 0:38 - Distortion 1:33 - Compositions in Landscapes 2:22 - Wide-Angle Portraits 2:48 - Filters 3:17 - Must-Know Tips Do you shoot with ultra-wide lenses? Share your tips in the Comments section, below.
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It has been awhile since we announced a stereoscopic lens (and, yes, of course we sell them!), but this new Canon RF 5.2mm f/2.8 L Dual Fisheye Lens will have Canon-toting creatives excited for the prospects of capturing 180° 3D imagery for virtual reality (VR) applications. This is Canon’s first product dedicated to VR capture and, according to Canon, “the world’s first interchangeable lens capable of enabling stereoscopic 3D 180° VR
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Though there aren’t any hard rules on the subject—and all rules are made to be broken—wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle lenses are often considered to be the go-to lenses for landscape photography. It’s not like you can’t capture wonderful landscapes with normal or telephoto lenses (you absolutely can), but due to their broad capture angles, wide- and ultra-wide-angle lenses usually win out over the alternative choices. For those who wish to go wider than ultra-wide, you have to turn to fisheye lenses. Photographs © Allan Weitz 2020 What Is a
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Long awaited and highly anticipated, Sony has finally released an ultra-wide-angle prime lens for its full-frame mirrorless cameras: the FE 20mm f/1.8 G. While this company’s standard wides and normal-length lenses have been a focus and priority over the years, the ultra-wide sector has been relegated to zoom lenses—until now. With this new 20mm f/1.8, though, a more compact and focused design gives photographers and videographers a faster