Underwater Camera Housings

by Stepan Andranikian ·Posted
So you just finished watching a great white shark feeding video and thought, “Wouldn’t it be awesome to be in the water with a camera to film this feast?” I'm right there with you, which is why today we’ll be diving into the world of underwater video creation, from the gear you’d need, to tips for getting the perfect action shot. Before we get into it, I’d like to leave a little disclaimer: while venturing out into the vast and expansive deep blue is a riveting adventure, please practice caution and, if you’re not experienced in underwater
by M. Brett Smith ·Posted
Here at B&H, we’re proud to announce an exclusive new underwater housing from AquaTech: the Zak Noyle Limited Edition EDGE Sports Housing. This limited-time variant of AquaTech’s popular underwater housing comes in a new, eye-popping red and features an easy-to-use design endorsed by renowned surf photographer Zak Noyle.
by Allan Weitz ·Posted
When I’m out and about with my camera, I always keep an eye out for reflective surfaces. Puddles, polished stone, windows, and other glass surfaces offer creative possibilities when trying to capture intriguing photographs of everyday subjects and scenarios. Photographs © Allan Weitz 2019 Depending on camera position, reflections can add greatly to the visual dynamics of a photograph. By positioning your camera flush or close to the reflective surface, you can create a mirror image of your subject. Alternatively, by shooting from a higher
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The Outex waterproof camera housing is lightweight, durable, and versatile allowing you to control your camera while protecting it from the elements. Outex founder JR deSouza explains the technology behind this equipment, and photographer and filmmaker Ben Lowy tests out this underwater camera housing.
by Richard Morris ·Posted
For underwater photographers, the demands of shooting are huge: travel costs, lugging all that equipment, finding a suitable locale—the list goes on. But those demands might soon change, thanks to WeFine, a company in Shenzhen, China, that has partnered with Dive+ and Kraken Sports to produce a specialized Smart Housing that fits almost every Bluetooth-enabled smartphone on the market. The Smart Housing works in tandem with the
by Ryan Zanoni ·Posted
Whether you’re an East-Coaster looking to escape the cold this winter, or a resident of the West Coast or Southern Hemisphere with year-round opportunities for diving, there are tons of beautiful creatures and environments to photograph in the oceans of our planet. From the stunning coral reefs of Southern California to the incredibly diverse critters of the Caribbean and the 1,000 species of fish in Indonesia’s Raja Ampat, the world is teeming with fascinating life calling out to be immortalized in great pictures. For those whose camera of