Show Us Your Shot: Clickbait


In this segment of Show Us Your Shot, Michael Epstein and Sophia Cacciola share with us their technique for creating a dreamlike driving shot with a stationary car, shooting high speed on the film, Clickbait.

“Clickbait is a modern, giallo-inspired horror, dark comedy film about the costs of seeking notoriety. A college student who will do just about anything for Internet fame is kidnapped by a stalker, and her reluctant roommate is the only one who can save her. During the attempted rescue sequence, we were looking to create a dramatic, music-video feel and pacing. This included a stylized driving shot in which the car travels through a dark environment in slow motion.

“The Shot was accomplished using a RED DRAGON camera shooting at 120 FPS, on a non-moving car, inside a garage. This allowed the camera to be handheld in front of the car, adding to the edgy quality of the shot, instead of using a car rig or picture vehicle, which would produce a smoother shot. During the shot, the car was manually rocked back and forth and LED panel lights were rapidly flashed across the car to simulate traveling through a nighttime street.”

Sophia Cacciola and Michael J. Epstein (of the film company, Launch Over) are Los Angeles-based directors, actors, writers, and musicians, known primarily for low-budget horror and sci-fi feature films layered with modern sociopolitical commentary, including the social-satire-horror Clickbait; 1970s Euro-vampire Blood of the Tribades; psychotronic-sci-fi Magnetic; and the avant-mystery TEN.


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