360fly 360-Degree Cameras and Accessories Capture Spherical Video


If you’ve wanted to make the leap into the world of 360-degree video recording but have been scared off by complex multi-camera rigs, then 360fly may have just the camera to finally push you over the edge. 360fly cameras—available in 4K or HD models—offer an all-in-one solution for capturing 360-degree video, working in concert with the free 360fly app to let you record, edit, and share all your adventures and stream them live for viewing on VR headsets or web players. With 360fly cameras, you spend less time worrying about the technical aspects of 360-degree video and more time capturing the action all around you.

Diminutive in size, the aptly spherical body of 360fly cameras serves as a water-, dust-, and shock-resistant shell to help the camera withstand most active lifestyles. Capping off its rugged body is a single ultra-wide 240-degree fisheye lens that captures a wraparound view of your surroundings without unsightly steams or stitch lines. The 4K model supports 2880 x 2880 resolution video at 30 fps, while its HD counterpart offers a resolution of 1504 x 1504. Keeping the unit self-contained, the cameras are powered by internal batteries and record video to built-in flash storage (64GB of storage for 360fly 4K; 32GB for 360fly HD).

With the 4K model, you’ll not only enjoy increased resolution and storage space, but you’ll also benefit from additional features, such as motion-activated recording, a first-person POV mode to capture more traditional action-camera footage, interval capture for time lapse, and built-in telemetry sensors, including an e-compass and non-assisted GPS. Both models feature built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to connect to an iOS or Android device running the 360fly app, turning your phone into an all-in-one viewfinder, remote, and editing device. You can even stream 360-degree video live for viewing on supported online platforms using the free Livit app. For an immersive experience, the 360-degree content can be viewed on VR headsets, including 360fly’s own VR Smartphone Headset or the Google-Cardboard-Certified POWIS VR Smartphone Headset.

In addition to the VR headsets, several camera accessories  are available, providing you with multiple ways to attach your 360fly camera to helmets, handlebars, vehicles, tripods, or anywhere else you might need to capture the action around you.

The 360fly cameras and accessories are available now at B&H Photo.