Atomos Ninja V+ Pro Kit Supports ProRes RAW on Sony FS Cameras with Firmware 10.71


The latest firmware update from Atomos adds ProRes RAW support for select Sony FS-series camera systems when used with the Ninja V+ Pro Kit. The fresh upgrade opens up the possibility of 2K recording at 240 fps, 4K recording at 60 fps (continuous), and 4K recording at 120 fps for 4s bursts. Compatible camera systems include Sony’s FS5 (with RAW upgrade), FS5 II, FS700 (with RAW upgrade), FS700R, FS7 (with XDCA-FS7 module), and FS7 II (with XDCA-FS7 module). To further sweeten the deal, Atomos has announced new pricing on the Ninja V+ Pro Kit, which combines the Ninja V+ 5.2" 8K HDMI recording monitor with an AtomX SDI module, an H.265 codec license, and preactivated SDI raw key. The new firmware (AtomOS 10.71) can be downloaded here.


Hi Fernando - 

Atomos lists this camera has outputting 8-bit 4:2:2 via the SDI or the HDMI outputs.

Question: will this work on the XDCAM-EX R1 via HD-SDI output? Or will the 4.2.2. output happen also through HDMI? Thanks