DZOFilm’s Announces Arles T1.4 Super Fast Prime Cine Lenses

DZOFilm’s Announces Arles T1.4 Super Fast Prime Cine Lenses

DZOFilm is releasing a new series of Arles Prime Cine lenses that are incredibly fast, relatively compact, and can cover full frame and large format “Vista Vision” sensors found on cameras like the Red V-Raptor 8K VV. DZOFilm has built a reputation for high grade optics that don’t break the bank, and these new lenses should be popular with filmmakers shooting in low-light conditions or wanting especially shallow depth of field.

The new Arles lenses feature a versatile PL mount that can be replaced with an EF mount or used with an array of different adapters. The lenses use a consistent size and weight that make for quick on-set lens swap. They will launch with five focal lengths—25 , 35 , 50 , 75 , and 100mm—with more options expected to be available by the end of the year.

Even when shooting wide open, these lenses yield a clean, precise image with virtually no chromatic aberration and minimal focus breathing. They reportedly exhibit a sharp image corner to corner, with soft, consistent flaring and little vignetting. Close focus ranges from 1’2” on the 25 and 35mm lenses to 2’11” on the 100mm lens, with the 50 and 75mm lenses falling between that.

In terms of construction, these lenses weigh between 3.3 lb and 3.96 lb, with a consistent 4.76” length when using the native PL mount. Their 95mm front diameter is ideal for matte boxes, complemented by 86mm filter threads for any screw-on filter. All of the lenses in the initial set have 16 iris blades for good field illumination and a 46.5mm image circle that covers the vast majority of full frame, large format, and Vista Vision sensors.

At the end of the day, the primary appeal of these lenses is their speed. T1.4 on a full frame or Vista Vision sensor can get you depth of field that’s about equivalent to T2.8 lenses on an IMAX camera or an Alexa 65, allowing for shallow focus and super pronounced bokeh rarely seen outside of movie theaters. Once again, DZOFilm is bringing cinema-quality glass to the masses, further democratizing the creative process and opening up new possibilities for shooters who aren’t yet ready to drop six figures on glass.

For more information about the Arles lenses, including additional features, specs, and highlights, be sure to check out their detailed product pages . Or drop us a line below, and we’ll do our best to answer all your comments and questions.