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Ikan Releases Two 4K Field Monitors and Two Teleprompter Kits


New to B&H are ikan’s Postium 17" and 24" 4K field monitors. Both monitors support 4K video in DCI and UHD and share similar features and capabilities. The OBM-U170  is the 17" monitor, which features a 1920 x 1080 panel that displays Full HD, as well as 4K UHD and 4K DCI by scaling the image to fit. The OBM-U240 is the 24" version, and it features 3840 x 2160 panel that displays 4K UHD natively, while scaling both HD and 4K DCI to fit. Two 12G-SDI, two 3G-SDI, in and out connectors provide for a wide variety of input signals and pass-throughs, including single-link, dual-link, and quad-link SDI. The monitors also have an HDMI 2.0 and an SFP optical connector for added versatility, allowing these monitors to be used in a wide range of productions spanning indie, corporate, house of worship, and high-end broadcast.

Though differing in size and resolution, these monitors are notably alike in features and functions, making switching between the two virtually seamless. Each model features a 10-bit panel, can display HDR images, has adjustable gamma, and allow you to apply 3D LUTs to your image. The application of 3D LUTs also allows the monitor to display images in a variety of color spaces, including DCI-P3, BT 2020, and REC. 709. A useful feature is the capability to split the screen between the clean input image on one side of the wipe, while the other part of the image displays the applied LUT and Gamma adjustment. The wipe position on the screen is adjustable side-to-side, in real time, with video playing.

Postium Korea OBM-U170 17.3" Full HD 12G-SDI LCD Monitor with DCI 4K Support

Both monitors support 100- to 230-volt AC at 50 or 60 Hz operation, with the 17" accepting 12 volts DC through a 4-pin XLR connector when powered by battery. This makes the 17" monitor an excellent choice for work in the field, where you can see your 4K signal. When using a variety of SDI delivery schemes, you can pass through the 4K signal to downstream gear. The larger 24" monitor powers from 24 volts DC via its 4-pin XLR connector, in addition to AC power. A removable table stand allows you to set up in the field or studio without requiring either a stand or mounting rack.

New teleprompter kits from ikan make packing up and transporting your teleprompter setup easier. Ikan’s PT3500 Teleprompter & Rolling Hard Case Travel Kit and PT3700 Teleprompter & Rolling Hard Case Travel Kit, which include the PT3500 and PT3700 teleprompter, respectively, and a rolling hard case with custom foam interior spare you from carrying the components in numerous separate cases. These recently created kits are designed for either a PT3500 or PT3700, which accommodate a variety of cameras and feature a 70/30 mirrored glass for maximum light transmission. Each prompter is easy to set up and includes a monitor for displaying the text for your talent, shadow hood, and detachable side flaps for glare control. The hard case nestles your prompter securely and allows you to show up to set with your prompter in just one neat protective case. It features familiar airtight and waterproof design/construction, with wide rubber wheels and a pull-out handle for the on-the-go teleprompter operator.

ikan PT3700 Teleprompter & Hard Case Travel Kit

For more details, check out the selection of Postium 4K monitors and teleprompter kits from ikan on the B&H website.