Magnus PV-7451M Tripod with Removable Center Column and 3-Way Head


With its removable center column that converts into a monopod more than five feet tall, the Magnus PV-7451M is built with flexibility in mind. Able to quickly change from tripod to monopod, while leaving your camera mounted on the three-way head, it allows you to handle rapidly changing situations while carrying less gear. The three-way head features independent pan and tilt locks, friction control on the tilt axis, and a horizontal tilting camera platform. Featuring an integrated mid-level spreader and supporting up to 10 pounds, the tripod head and legs are well suited for use with both still cameras and small camcorders.

Additionally, the PV-7415M features a quick-release plate for those times you want to grab a handheld shot and then quickly remount your camera on the head for stability. The legs feature spikes with spin-down rubber spike covers, making them suitable for interior and exterior locations, and the mid-level spreader allows the legs to remain stable, even on uneven ground. So, if you are looking for a primary tripod system or a versatile lightweight second tripod, the PV-7451M packs a lot of value into a small package.