NAB 2015: Freefly MIMIC and ALTA Aerial Gimbals



ALTA isn't only a ski resort in Utah that bans snowboards—it's now a first-of-its-kind, multi-rotor drone with top-mountable aerial gimbal. Most aerial gimbals (that I know of) mount under the aircraft with the camera angled at the ground. ALTA reverses this, allowing the camera to point up. While many might question how often you want a camera-in-the-sky to point up, there are surely those in production with this exact need. The gimbal features a 15-pound capacity, which is enough for many of today's growing crop of relatively lightweight cinema cameras, not to mention nearly all DSLRs and mirrorless cameras. In addition, bottom mounting of the gimbal is possible, as well.

Additionally, Freefly unveiled the MIMIC, a new concept in gimbal operation. Whereas before, you had to use an RC-style controller with joysticks, which are less than intuitive if you're uncoordinated like me, the MICI, for lack of a better word, mimics the feel of holding the gimbal itself, with two handles and a monitor in the middle. This setup is intended to make the experience more intuitive, allowing the camera operator to simply pan or tilt the MINIC and have camera movement follow.

For more, check out the videos below.

Please check back for pricing and availability.