New from ARRI, the AMIRA Live for Cinematic Multicam Production


Pairing streamlined, dependable multicamera setups and rich, natural Super35 imaging, the ARRI AMIRA Live Camera delivers an efficient, cinematic workflow for your live broadcast needs. Using the same ALEV III Super35 sensor as the rest of the AMIRA line, the AMIRA Live ticks off cine-style boxes like shallow depth of field, high dynamic range, the ARRI Look Library, and 3D LUT support. At the same time, its cable-free configuration with the separately available 1800 fiber back aligns the AMIRA with more typical broadcast-style cameras, eliminating the dreaded accidental disconnect with potential port damage and speeding your build time.

ARRI Amira Live and Multicam Monitor Bundle

The separately available 1800-series fiber back mounts directly on the camera, allowing the camera to interface with a studio environment and fit easily into a multicam environment. The fiber connection eliminates the need to run cables to an add-on fiber back, reducing the risk of cables being accidentally disconnected. This makes for faster, easier setup without having to build a nest of cables to enable the camera to fit into a live studio production model—and with only the fiber out connection to worry about, troubleshooting connection issues is much faster, saving valuable production time and stress.

While the camera’s output connections have been simplified by the addition of the fiber back-end for connecting to live production systems, and removal of the many BNC outputs, the power out and EXT connectors remain, allowing you to power accessories such as the VMM-1 10" monitor. This monitor mounts on the top of the AMIRA Live and provides the camera operator with the traditional studio production viewing system, reducing any learning curve that might otherwise come with using an ENG or cine-style camera on a live production. The VMM-1 connects to the camera’s viewfinder interface, or you can daisy-chain it with the CCP-1 camera control panel, whichever method suits the operator and studio tech. The monitor features standard controls, as well as a physical on/off switch for the front tally light. An adjustable mounting yoke designed for the VMM-1 rounds out the system.

The AMIRA Live is a cohesive system, designed to bring cinematic image quality to the live studio production world, simply and seamlessly integrating into current production standards.

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