New Manfrotto 526-1 Tripod Line with a Much-Improved Camera Plate


Manfrotto has announced its updated 526-1 line of tripods and accessories, for video and photo professionals who need to stay mobile, to replace the popular 526 line. The new 526-1 line includes the improved 357PLV-1 Camera Plate, which returns to classic pro form with multiple screws in its design, as well as the 357-1 Rapid Connect Adapter and the 526-1 Professional Fluid Video Head. Four tripod kits are also updated with the new plate, including the 528XBK-1 Fluid Video Head with 528XB and Carry Bag, the 536K-1 Fluid Video Head with 536 Carbon Fiber Tripod and Carry Bag, the 545BK-1 Fluid Video Head with 545B Tripod and Carry Bag, and the 545GBK-1 Fluid Video Head with 545GB Tripod and Carry Bag.

Manfrotto 526-1 Fluid Video Head with 528XBK Tripod & Carrying Bag

The main 526-1 improvements are most apparent in the redesigned 357PLV-1 Camera Plate, which updates the older 526 plate's single 1/4"-20 screw and 3/8"-16 bushing with two 1/4"-20 screws and full 3/8"-16 camera mounting screws. The plate maintains its plastic anti-rotation pin, and now includes a rubber stopper for easy insertion and security of the mounting screws. The 357-1 Rapid Connect Adapter kit includes the new 357PLV-1 plate, which allows quick-release capability for flexible workflow integration.

Manfrotto 526-1 Professional Fluid Video Head

The 526-1 Professional Fluid Video Head also includes the new 357PLV-1 camera plate and provides smooth movement and easy adjustments. The sturdy 526-1 supports up to 35 pounds and features a 100mm half ball base mount, a smooth 360º panning range, a telescoping pan handle, an adjustable counterbalance system, and an easy-to-read bubble level.

Manfrotto 357PLV-1 Sliding Plate

The four new kits are built as solid workhorses to handle a wide range of cameras and production situations. The 528XBK-1 kit includes the 528XB 16.3-pound Aluminum tripod with a 110.2-pound load capacity and the MBAG120PN carry bag, the 536K-1 kit includes the 7-pound 536 Carbon Fiber tripod with a 55-pound load capacity and the MBAG100PN carry bag, the 545BK-1 kit includes the 7.7-pound 545B Aluminum tripod with a 55-pound load capacity and the MBAG100PN carry bag, and the 545GBK-1 kit includes the 7.7-pound 545GB Aluminum tripod with a 55-pound load capacity, a ground spreader, and the MBAG100PN carry bag. All four kits include the 526-1 Fluid head with the updated 357PLV-1 plate.

Manfrotto 528XB Heavy Duty Tripod

If you’re looking for a sturdy, professional tripod kit and accessories, check out Manfrotto's 526-1 line on the B&H Photo Website or in the B&H Photo SuperStore. Please feel free to share your experiences using the improved 357PLV-1 plate, 526-1 head, and tripod kits below.