RGBAW in a 1x1: Announcing the Luxli Timpani LED Lighting Array


Bang the drums! The powerful Luxli Timpani 1x1 RGBAW LED Light is now in stock at B&H! Following in the footsteps of its orchestral siblings, Viola and Cello on-camera lights, the Timpani breaks new ground for the Luxli brand by leveraging RGBAW LED technology in a new, larger 1x1 form factor. A prototype of this fixture was originally shown to the public during NAB 2018, at the B&H booth, to much acclaim and interest, from interview shooters to studio owners.

What Is RGBAW?

RGBAW refers to the design of the LED matrix that drives the Luxli lights, and it's what separates the Timpani from most other 1x1 lighting solutions. LED panels of yore usually had one of two different LED colors, either daylight balanced or tungsten balanced, or a combination of the two, for bicolor operation. RGBAW combines five different diodes (Red, Green, Blue, Amber, and White) to pump out nearly any hue on the color wheel by mixing the output of these diodes. Importantly, the RGBAW matrix doesn't take away from the Timpani's ability to operate as a standard bicolor panel. But what fun would that be when you have so much more under the hood?

Three Operating Modes

To leverage the RGBAW LED array on the Timpani, Luxli gives you the option of operating the light in any of three modes, CCT mode, RGB mode, and Filter mode. All operating modes feature full dimmability, from 0-100%.

  • CCT Mode: In this mode, the light functions like a standard bicolor LED fixture. Dial-in any color temperature, from 2800K all the way up to 10000K, in increments of 50. A plus/minus green adjustment is available, letting you match the output of other light sources should they have more or less green output than the Timpani.
  • RGB Color Mode: This mode uses the RGB elements of the LED array to throw nearly any color of your choosing. Select 0-360 degrees on the color wheel corresponding to the desired color. In this mode, the amber and white LEDs can be engaged to adjust the saturation of the selected color from full saturation to completely desaturated.
  • Filter Mode: For those who like to use filters to alter the light's output creatively, the Timpani can emulate the look of 150 classic gel filters as modifying the Timpani's light output. Unlike some other lights that have similar filter emulations, the Timpani doesn't limit the color-temperature selection. This means you can apply the filter to any selectable color temperature available in the CCT mode.


Special Effects

Cinematographers and videographers will appreciate the ability to call up lighting effects for specific scenarios. Color and CCT chase modes enable programming of timed changes in RGB color or color temperature. Additionally, the effects mode can emulate environmental lighting, such as firelight, candlelight, explosions, lightning, and police lights. Each of these effects can be adjusted for color and timing.


The rear of the light has simple and intuitive controls. Two knobs and a few buttons surround an LCD. DMX in and through connections are available via 5-pin XLR for controlling the Timpani with software or a lighting board. Multiple communication modes are selectable inside the Timpani's menu. If you have an iOS or Android smartphone, connect it via Bluetooth to control the Timpani remotely from up to 30' away. Within the free Luxli smartphone app, you can sample colors and take complete control over the light without even having to touch it.

Mounting and Accessories

Included with the Timpani is everything you need to plug it in and get it running. A 4-pin XLR power supply comes in the box, as does a yoke. The yoke has a standard 5/8" receiver for light stands, and it can be secured straight up or sideways, at a right angle, using the 5/8" pass-through. A gentle diffuser can be slid into the light and secured with an integrated lock. Barn doors and diffusers to further modify the light output of the Timpani are in development, so be sure to look out for those when they become available. Additionally, a plate for V-mount batteries comes attached. Plug-in the 4-pin XLR pigtail and attach a V-mount battery to operate the Timpani in the field.

Considering adding a Luxi Timpani RGBAW LED panel light to your lighting kit? Take a look at this quick overview of the Timpani, delve a little deeper into the Timpani’s LED specs and features, or check out 10 creative ways to use this panel light. Read on to learn more about using the Timpani’s RGB mode to match your existing light sources, or to select your choice of 150 Lee gels in filter mode.

Need the flashing lights of a patrol car for your episodic police procedural, a flickering firelight for a camping-alone-in the-woods horrorfest, or the strobing of a ravenous paparazzi mob? The Timpani does all this and more in its integrated Special Effects mode. Get some tips on how to build a light kit with the Timpani and learn about its four operating modes, DMX features, and physical build.


The Luxli Timpani is available to order! Check out the product listing for details, specifications, and pricing. Whether you are a videographer, cinematographer, rental house, studio, or a DJ with a lighting setup, the Luxli Timpani is a high-output, lightweight, and reliable RGBAW lighting solution that's easy to use and implement in nearly any lighting scenario.