Stream High-Quality Video to Nearly Anywhere with the BoxCaster Pro


What could a small black box do for your content? If you want to stream your video production to anywhere online, the BoxCaster Pro is a great option that is easy to use, offers 4K video input and pass-through, features efficient H.265 encoding, and, with the BoxCast streaming service, can stream to any RTMP destination without introducing a network bottleneck.

BoxCast BoxCaster Pro Streaming Encoder

The predecessor to the BoxCaster Pro is the BoxCaster HD, with streaming capabilities that top out at 1080p at 27 fps, possessing HDMI and analog RCA inputs for A/V connectivity. While the BoxCaster HD is a great solution for those on a budget, anyone requiring 4K video input support, SDI input, balanced audio connections, and/or HD streaming at 60 fps should take a serious look at the BoxCaster Pro.

BoxCast BoxCaster HD Live Video Streaming Encoder

Despite its high-end specification, the network connectivity requirements for multi-CDN streaming are not impossibly demanding. That’s because you only need to stream to one destination, the BoxCast CDN. From there, BoxCast can distribute your stream to any number of destinations. Furthermore, because of the efficient H.265 encoding (which encodes at double the quality of H.264 using the same bit-rate), your stream will retain its quality no matter where it is directed.

Ease of use is important, and BoxCast has taken that into account. There is no need to dive into advanced menus on the BoxCaster Pro. All streaming and input settings are done through the BoxCast service online. Use the touchscreen as a confidence monitor for your video and audio inputs. Even if you’re not looking closely at the BoxCaster Pro, an LED ring around the chassis shows the streaming status and is visible at a distance.

BoxCast BoxCaster Pro Standard Streaming Bundle

The BoxCaster Pro is a great way to get high-quality video streamed to nearly anywhere. The BoxCaster Pro is available bundled with the BoxCast streaming service. BoxCast streaming service subscriptions are also available on their own, in different tiers, depending on your requirements. Whether you’re involved in school, house of worship, sports, or news video production, the BoxCaster Pro lets you get professional-quality video to wherever you need it without the fuss or footprint of more complex solutions.