The PARALENZ Dive Camera+ is an Underwater Camera Made Easy


Great news for divers and underwater camera operators: the PARALENZ Dive Camera+ is now available at B&H. An ultra-compact underwater camera, the PARALENZ Dive Camera+ can capture 4K30 video and shoot 8MP stills at depths down to 820'. Additional video formats, including 1080p100 and 720p200, are also available, and stills can be captured in both JPEG and raw formats. The PARALENZ s 1/2.5" image sensor was specifically designed by Sony for low-light situations (like the kind you find underwater) and its 140° fisheye lens pairs perfectly with the sensor to give you enough angle to capture the entire scene in nice warp-free video.

PARALENZ Dive Camera+

The designers behind the PARALENZ Dive Camera+ know there’s a lot of snorkeling gear to keep track of on a dive; that’s why they made the PARALENZ Dive Camera+ so easy to use. For starters, the PARALENZ uses an innovative one-button approach to operate. The button controls multiple functions that output a specific vibration, so you know what action the underwater camera is performing. On top of its easy operation, the PARALENZ uses patented depth-controlled color correction technology to eliminate underwater tint and match the color to the depth you’re shooting—no more fussing with underwater filters to get the best shot.

As you probably inferred from its depth rating, the PARALENZ is a completely waterproof camera. Better yet: it doesn’t require any additional housing to ensure proper function, even at depths of 820'. Plus, its military-grade design means it’s extremely durable, so it can handle the rigors of even the toughest dive.

The PARALENZ Dive Camera+ is available now at B&H, along with tons of other great action cams and accessories.

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