A Tiny, Powerful Streaming Solution: The New Mevo Plus Live Event Camera


When I was first shown the original Mevo Live Event Camera more than a year ago, I found the amount of functionality inside that tiny cylindrical body to be quite surprising, given its size. Now that the technology has matured, Livestream has improved the platform to include the new Mevo Plus Live Event Camera. Whether filming concerts, sports games, panel discussions, or wedding ceremonies, the new Mevo Plus is a high-quality, yet low-profile live streaming and recording device for novices and pros alike. Physically, the exterior is instantly familiar, featuring the same tilted cylindrical design as its predecessor with a single power button and the ringed status LED, though the invisible internal electronics have been improved by an order of magnitude.

The new Mevo Plus has access to the same popular streaming platforms as the preceding model, including Livestream, Facebook, YouTube, Periscope, and Twitter. Streaming can be done over Wi-Fi, if available, or when out and about, over your smartphone’s LTE connection. Streaming resolution to those platforms has been improved to full-HD 1080p, over the first-generation Mevo’s 720p capabilities, thanks to improved processing. Other improvements include a 2x2 MIMO Wi-Fi antenna configuration combined with a new 802.11ac-compatible chip. These upgrades provide a faster and more robust Wi-Fi connection and increased wireless range, as well. The new model also adds electronic image stabilization for smoothing out action shots.

On the user-interface side of things, I’m happy to report that not much has changed. The same user-friendly virtual-camera switching is back. Creating virtual cameras that can zoom, pan, and tilt using your iOS or Android mobile device with the free app is just as easy as it was with the original Mevo. Full-resolution video can also be captured in 4K resolution to a microSD card for editing later.

Since the form factor is the same, the Mevo Plus is also compatible with the same accessories for mounting. A 5/8"-27 screw at the base is compatible with standard microphone stands (great for concert shoots!) and can be adapted to secure the camera to photo or video tripods. The Mevo Boost is useful for power users who require extended battery life, a hardwired Ethernet connection, a full-size USB port for an LTE modem, or IPX4 for exposure to inclement weather.

While similar enough to the original Mevo, the Mevo Plus features substantial enough improvements to establish itself as a versatile storytelling device for just about anyone. Check out the B&H SuperStore website for more product information and updates on pricing and availability.


I'm looking for a camera that I can add a screen shot in the bottom corner for live streaming.  Would the Mevo allow that?

Hi Candace - 

 Mevo can focus in on certain faces and objects when you set a static shot in the app. In the live editing view, simply hold your finger onto a subject in your view for a brief moment. A yellow box will appear where your finger is touching the screen and Mevo will cut to that shot. This will create a static shot.  http://bit.ly/2FEURYz