Tokina Fills Out its Cinema Vista Lineup


Tokina has just announced the release two new members of its Cinema Vista line of full-frame lenses. The 21mm and 29mm lenses fill in the gaps in the wide end of the series, so now you can more easily get the frame you need for the shot without having to move the camera drastically or noticeably shift the perspective of the taking lens, which makes for smoother edits.  

21mm and 29mm from Tokina's Cinema Vista line
21mm and 29mm from Tokina's Cinema Vista line

As with the other lenses in the Cinema Vista lineup, the new lenses support 8K resolution for stunning detail. Check out the 21mm in ARRI LPLARRI PL, Canon EF, and Sony E mount, and MFT, as well as the 29mm in ARRI LPLARRI PL, Canon EF, and Sony E mount, and even in MFT for use on a wide range of cameras and sensor formats. The LPL, PL, and Canon EF-mount lenses cover large formats, including RED’s MONSTRO VV sensor. The MFT version can easily cover Super35 and smaller sensors with room to spare.

Keeping the same design and build quality as the other Cinema Vista lenses, these new additions feature minimal focus breathing; focus rings marked in feet on both sides of the lens; internal focus, providing a constant body length; and common gear positions for fast lens swaps. Sharing the same T1.5 maximum aperture as the other lenses in the series, the 21mm and 29mm are able to deliver consistent exposure when swapping between the lenses in the series, thus avoiding relighting when swapping lenses.

Do you have experience with the Tokina Cinema Vista series of lenses? Have you been longing for a few more lenses to add to the wide end of your kit? Please share your thoughts in the Comments section, below.