Transporting Equipment in Lowepro Camera Bags

Lowepro camera bags offer many reliable options for photographers whose hobby or profession takes them on the road, into the wilderness, and to remote sites. Their specialized designs keep delicate photography equipment safe and stable no matter your shooting location. Lowepro bags come in many shapes and sizes to accommodate all types of camera models. A range of accessories is also available.

Bags for Large and Small Cameras

The Adventura, Nova, and other Lowepro shoulder and gadget bags offer room for professional-grade DSLR cameras, and often hold other items such as notebook computers and additional lenses. Their compact size and comfortable carrying straps make them convenient options for frequent travelers. Lowepro sling bags also have the benefit of staying close to your body, keeping them stable and protecting them from impact. For those carrying multiple cameras and additional equipment such as grips, there are larger Lowepro rolling bags.

Carrying Lenses and Other Accessories

Lowepro lens cases carry detachable zoom lenses separately, protecting them with foam padding, and sealing out dust and other contaminants. For those who want to be able to begin snapping photos quickly, Lowepro top-loading cases have enough space for a camera with a lens already attached, and with the viewfinder facing the user upon opening, allowing for fast retrieval. Hard cases offer durable protection for equipment traveling through rugged conditions.

Transporting Drones and Other Equipment

Safely carry a drone, extra propellers, and even a laptop inside a Lowepro drone bag as you make your way to your launch point. When you hike along a forest trail with your cameras in tow, it's easier with Lowepro camera backpacks, some of which also feature straps for holding a tripod.

B&H Photo and Video's wide selection of Lowepro camera cases makes it easy to find just the right bag or other option to meet your requirements.