Acoustic Treatment & Accessories

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Choosing Acoustic Panels, Sound Foams, and other Acoustic Treatments

If you have a home studio, acoustic treatments such as foam panels and sound diffusers will help you achieve better audio results. Explore studio acoustic treatment options for the right panels, bass traps, and diffusers for your custom setup.


Benefits of Acoustic Panels & Treatments

Acoustic panels and other treatments improve the sound quality of recordings. The size and natural acoustics of a room affect the frequency and reverberation of sound waves of an acoustic guitar or voice. Some rooms have naturally great sounding acoustics, but most have uneven frequencies that cause problems for high-quality audio. Acoustic foam panels are a common treatment that absorb sound reflections and eliminate unwanted reverb. Other absorption panels and fills are available that do the same job.

What Are Acoustic Bass Traps?

A bass trap is a treatment that acts similarly to foam absorption panels. It targets and absorbs the low-end frequencies that regular panels don't always capture. Typically, bass traps are placed in corners where the buildup of low-end frequencies occur the most. The best part about these treatments is that you can't overdo it. Bass is harder to control than mid- or high-level frequencies, so the more traps, the better.

Other Kinds of Acoustic Treatments

The function of diffusers is the opposite of the function of bass traps. Sound diffuser panels scatter the sound, rather than absorb it, to produce a controlled amount of reverb. Combine absorbers and diffusers to get a balanced, customized sound. Take your studio a step further with isolation and decouplers for acoustics, to help reduce vibrations and improve balance.