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Vello Auto Extension Tubes for Nikon Z-Mount Lenses

Vello Auto Extension Tubes for Nikon Z-Mount Lenses
Key Features
  • Shortens Minimum Focus Distance of Lens
  • Provides Macro Capability
  • Maintains Autofocus & Auto-Exposure
  • Durable Metal Mounts
This set of Auto Extension Tubes for Nikon Z-Mount Lenses from Vello makes it possible to capture close-up shots without requiring a macro lens, providing a practical solution for macro performance with less expensive, non-macro dedicated glass. The set includes a 12 and 20mm tube, which can be used individually or stacked together for greater control over decreasing the minimum focus distance of a lens. Extension tubes do not include any optical elements, so the image quality of the lens is not reduced. Electronic communication between body and lens is supported, so the convenience of autofocus and auto-exposure functions are maintained. In addition, image stabilization is maintained when using enabled lenses and cameras. This makes it easy to capture an image in the moment, without wasting time fiddling with camera settings.
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