In the Field: Carson HookUpz 2.0 Smartphone Optics Adapter

The Carson HookUpz 2.0 Smartphone Optics Adapter might be one of the most versatile digiscoping solutions on the market today.

In the olden days, when you were looking through scopes or binoculars, the only way to share the view was to hand your glasses to someone standing beside you or to clear out of the way so someone else might use your spotting scope, telescope, or microscope. But those days are gone, and these days the smartphone is used around the world to share everything from photos of lunch to selfies to fine art imagery.

First Look: Zoom H5 Recorder

Zoom sent shock waves through the pro audio world last year with the introduction of its flagship H6 recorder and its breakthrough modular microphone system. Although still very young, the H6 has already become an industry standard and a go-to piece for professional and enthusiast videographers, journalists, engineers, and musicians alike.


Axis Communications Q1614: The Overachieving Indoor IP Network Camera

There are IP cameras, and then there’s this camera. The Axis Communications Q1614 stands above and apart from what you’re used to seeing, and what follows are the reasons why this camera isn’t like any of the others. Many cameras simply capture images; some might have limited recording options, and onboard memory card storage. The Q1614 does all this, and so much more.

Turn off the Dark with these Unusual Flashlights

Spring is in full swing and summer will come and go before you know it, so be sure to enjoy the nice weather while you can. The warmer weather lures people outdoors, and the longer daylight hours keep them outside longer.


Caring for and Cleaning Your Electronics

Cleaning resolutions spring eternal, but when it comes to protecting the investment in your flat-panel TV and other components, you’d be wise to follow through with a little preventive maintenance.

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