"Let Me See What I Have in My Kit" Videographer Gifts


Looking for a “can’t leave home without it” gift for a video shooter? Look at the suggestions below and see if you could live without any of these useful gizmos and gadgets often found in a videographer or camera assistant’s kit bag.

1. Media Cases

Secure your SSD cards in a media case like the Pelican 0915 Memory Card Case, or loop the OP/TECH USA Media Holster onto your belt to keep a backup card close at hand. Larger memory devices like P2 cards, CFast 2.0 cards, or portable SSD drives can be shuttled between set and post-production in the petite yet nigh indestructible Pelican 1120 cases. Don’t store all your RED MINI-MAG eggs in one basket, divide them among a few 4-MINI MAG Storage Cases. Consider orange or bright yellow cases, in general, so there’s no chance of them being overlooked and left behind in the rush to wrap out a set.

Pelican 0915 Memory Card Case for 12 SD, 6 miniSD, and 6 microSD Cards

2. Chip Chart

Especially handy for aligning colors when shooting multi-cam, a color chart like the chip chart/grayscale X-Rite ColorChecker Video or the Macbeth-like X-Rite ColorChecker Classic Card fits neatly into your set bag.

X-Rite ColorChecker Classic Card

3. Tape Measures

Whip out a cloth tape measure like the sturdy Brown Leather Tape Measure from Bright Tangerine for checking focus distances when your A.D. acknowledges you really do need to get marks for that 85mm T1.3 focus pull.

Bright Tangerine Brown Leather Tape Measure with Brass Winder

4. Tools

The Tilta Multi-Head Screwdriver with a reversible flat/Philips head shaft is a stubby screwdriver perfect for attaching quick-release plates and small enough to slip into your pocket. While a screwdriver with interchangeable bits can be a space-saver, standard screwdrivers are quicker and easier to grab when time is tight. This Greenlee 7-Piece Set includes four flat-head and two Philips heads. A jeweler’s set of screwdrivers is compatible with many cameras and accessories; the Kalt 6-Piece Metric Set and the HERCO 6-Piece Set both come in rigid storage cases. If you want a compact assortment of tools, you can’t go wrong with a multi-tool like the Leatherman Rebar with Leather Sheath.

Greenlee Screwdriver Set

5. ¼"-20 to 3/8"-16 Adapters

Adapt your accessories to fit your mounting threads with the CAMVATE ¼"-20 to 3/8"-16 & 3/8"-16 to ¼"-20 Screw set or a 5-piece set of ¼"-20 to 3/8"-16 Bushings from Sunwayfoto.

CAMVATE 1/4" Female to 3/8" Male & 3/8"-16 Female to 1/4"-20 Male Screw Adapter for Select Tripod/Camera

6. Tapes and Foil

A roll of 2" wide black paper tape can be used to craft a quick sunshade for a lens or monitor or to temporarily extend the reach of a matte or a matte box flag. Mark your actors’ positions or a dolly’s start/end positions using ½" paper tape, ½" cloth tape, or 1" cloth tape, depending on the durability of the surface you are marking. ProTapes offers a Spike Stack Set of ½" cloth tape in four fluorescent or bright colors. And, of course, 2" black gaffer tape is almost MacGyver-like in its usefulness on set.

Use a roll of blackwrap foil like Rosco Matte Black Cinefoil to mold a custom-fit snoot, cover light leaks, or create a quick flag.

Permacel/Shurtape Pro Tapes and Specialties Pro 46 Paper Tape - 2" x 60 Yds

7. Slate/Clapperboard

Slating your takes or at least, each scene, will help immeasurably when you’re editing. The Alan Gordon Scene Slate features engraved labeling, multi-color sticks, and includes a both a storage pouch and an erasable marker. Insert slates are smaller versions used for tabletop and other close-up shots.

Alan Gordon Enterprises Color Combo Scene Slate with Pouch and Marker

8. Markers

Pick up a 12-Pack of Fine-Point Black Sharpies for labeling cases with camera tape and a dozen other uses (like marking your water bottle). For erasable slate writing, use dry-erase markers like this Da-Lite Set of Three Colors.

Sharpie Fine Point Permanent Marker Pens

9. Ties & Wraps

BongoTies and touch-fastener wraps are indispensable for quickly securing cables to your camera rigs or for neatly securing cable bundles. Rip-Tie’s 1 x 9.5" Rip-Lock 10-Pack Rainbow offers an assortment of shades for color-coordinating. Corral your tripod legs, etc. using a bungee strap; the KRANE 48" Flat 2-Pack features a flat design and rust-free hooks.

BongoTies Standard 5" Elastic Cable Ties

10. Cleaners

B&H Photo carries a wide variety of microfiber lens cloths, but the Carson Stuff-It Cloth includes a handy storage pouch with a drawstring loop. Cleaning kits like the ZEISS Lens Cleaning Kit incorporate several cleaning items; non-abrasive lens tissue comes plain or premoistened, and the larger KimWipes are perfect for cleaning filters, monitor screens, etc.

ZEISS Lens Cleaning Kit

11. Notepad

Keeping camera notes is always a good idea, especially just in case you need to reshoot a scene down the line. Jot down your scene and take numbers, focal length, aperture setting, filters used, etc. in a Prat Flexbook Notepad, the Itoya ProFolio Petite Journal, or the all-weather Rite in The Rain Pocket Notebook.

Rite in The Rain All-Weather Top-Spiral Pocket Notebook

Which accessory do you find yourself using more than you expected while shooting video? Share your choice below and explore more gift ideas on the B&H Photo website.