On Vacation with Three Cameras: Which to Use, When, and Why

Much like I wish I were the kind of traveler who only packed one bag, I wish I were the kind of photographer who only used one camera. Instead, I always have two or three bags and two or three cameras. Despite my best intentions, I can’t seem to go on a trip with just one of each. Even if I wear the same outfit or shoot with the same camera for three days straight—both of which have been known to happen—without fail, the next trip I take, I still find myself wondering if I’m packing one outfit or one camera too many. 

CP+ 2015: Five New Types of ILFORD and Hahnemuhle Papers

ILFORD papers had a tidy little display at CP Plus 2015, which was more like a small gallery exhibiting wonderful prints by equally wonderful photographers. The company also provided a printer, allowing you to print your own images on its paper. There are five new types of paper that made their premiere at CP Plus, all Galerie Prestige Inkjet paper. Four of these are 100% cotton papers without optical brighteners and one, the Fine Art Smooth, uses “a little” brightener and cellulose content. The Fine Art Smooth has a basic weight of 200 gsm while the other four offer 310 gsm.

Entertainment Gifts and Creative Tools for Students

Finding the right holiday gift for a high-school or college student can be daunting. Innovations in consumer electronics over the past decade have completely changed the landscape in which kids learn, communicate, create, and find entertainment.


Ilford Introduces New GALERIE Inkjet Papers

Ilford has recently updated their ever-expanding line of GALERIE Prestige inkjet printing papers that include new surface types. These paper types range from fine art printing papers to double-sided photo papers that are ideal for use in more hands-on situations. All of the papers are capable of producing exhibition-worthy results while maintaining archival qualities.

Ilford's New Line of Galerie Papers

Ilford has just refined its line of Galerie inkjet photo printing papers and incorporated a number of improvements for achieving an overall better-looking print. Among other changes, the Prestige Smooth Gloss and Smooth Pearl papers have been upgraded.

Ilford Re-Brands GALERIE Inkjet Media as GALERIE Prestige (5*)

In a bid to reach the intended audiences of its popular GALERIE inkjet media lineup more efficiently, Ilford has introduced a new tier system and a new name to go along with it.

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