QSC Introduces Its New K.2 Series Line of Powered Loudspeakers

Following its success with the reputed K Series, QSC raises the bar again by announcing the new K.2 Series, the company’s anticipated next generation of powered loudspeakers. Also, introduced this spring is the new KS212C, a single-box powered cardioid subwoofer.

How to Upgrade Your Sound System

Perhaps you started with a small, self-contained PA and need better quality with greater output. Or perhaps your audience has grown and you are looking to add to your setup, or you need better coverage and more control. Maybe you started with an inexpensive analog mixer and are looking to make the jump to a digital board. If you have made an initial investment into a sound system and are looking to make some upgrades, here’s a short list of ideas that might be worth investigating.

2017 NAMM Show: QSC Announces Loudspeakers and Subwoofers

Fresh off its  2017 NAMM show announcement, QSC has introduced two new models of its E-series loudspeakers, as well as something completely new to its K-series line-up: a subwoofer. Indeed, the K-Series Cardioid Subwoofer is a portable low-end frequency extension solution for portable entertainment systems and installation scenarios alike.

4 Types of Dorm Sound Systems

Heading back to school and need a new sound system for your dorm room? Whether you are in a tiny single room or you are sharing space with five other people, B&H has a number of high-quality systems for a variety of situations and budgets.

Portable systems

A Guide to Building Your PA System

Whether it is rooftops, backyards, block parties, or the gallery of a museum, night clubs above and below ground, and every happening, get together, and hang-out in between, one of the joys of living in New York City is being able to experience the thriving cultural scenes surrounding art, live music, and dancing. We live in what we call "the present moment” for a reason, because life is a gift. One of the most fun ways to receive that gift is by throwing and going to awesome parties.

New from QSC: TouchMix-16 Compact Digital Mixer with Touchscreen


Holiday 2012: Rock Your New Year's Eve Party!

New Year's Eve is upon us again. That special night when we make big plans, dress up, get our hopes up and attend the coolest party we can find—only to be let down. It doesn’t have to be this way, folks.

DJ Equipment That Will Make Any Wedding a Hit

A sports photographer needs a different set of tools than someone who shoots elementary-school portraits, and similarly, a wedding DJ often relies on different equipment than other kinds of DJs. 

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