Add Alexa Functionality to Your Sonos Ecosystem with the Sonos One

Wouldn't it be great to have Amazon's Alexa built into a Sonos speaker? Well, they've done it—Sonos has just unveiled the new Sonos One.

Sonos Announces the PLAYBASE Speaker Base for TV Audio

Sonos has a new audio speaker base, the PLAYBASE, for improving your TV's audio, and you can read all on B&H Explora.

5 Tech Add-Ons for Your Big Game Watch Party

Whether you're watching the Big Game with friends, family, or all by yourself, there are a couple of key essentials for having a good time: a comfortable setting, solid TV setup, and plenty of quality snacks. But if you're looking to make your watch party truly memorable, you might need to call an audible or two to go beyond merely the status quo. To help you out, we've compiled a list of tech add-ons that are sure to boost your gathering from simple to super.

Multi-Room Wireless Audio Systems

At the beginning of 2013, I wrote an article about all the latest home and portable entertainment announcements that were made during CES 2013, in Las Vegas. Searching for a thread that tied the whole show together, I suggested that “total connectivity” was the pervasive theme of the year’s show. The influence of smartphones, tablets, and mobile device apps was ubiquitous.


The Sonos Wireless Hi-Fi System

In the realm of multi-room wireless audio systems, the Sonos Wireless Hi-Fi System has dominated the marketplace for quite some time. There are many reasons to love this system, but chief among them is that it offers both a hardware and software system that works together seamlessly, making it easy to set up and operate.

Holiday 2012: Gifts for Parents

Coming up with gift ideas for a kid isn’t terribly taxing. However, shopping for their parents often proves to be a little more difficult. When pressed, mom or dad may divulge that they could use a new ice cream scoop or some wool socks, but in you can’t imagine their face lighting up when they unwrap such conventional gifts. You know you can do better.

Holiday 2012: There's an App in That?

The word "app" is short for "application." It's a piece of software that enables you to do a specific thing, such as check the weather, compose music or play a game. In the recent past, if you needed to create a document, you launched Microsoft Word. If you needed to crop a photo, you launched Photoshop, and so on.


Holiday 2012: Great Design Awards

Holiday 2012: Multi-Room Wireless Music Streaming from Sonos

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a stereo system in every room of your house? You could continuously listen to music or the news as you accomplished tasks in each space. The Sonos Wireless Hi-Fi System takes this idea to a whole new level, expanding it to functionality never before possible.

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