New Tripod Legs and Heads from Vanguard

Set up your camera and enjoy the benefits of stability and creative flexibility with Vanguard’s new Alta Pro 2+ tripods and tripod kits. Each option can comfortably support a DSLR or mirrorless camera up to heights that are ideal for most subjects, from portraits to landscapes. For added versatility, each tripod’s center column is connected by a fulcrum which enables 90° of upwards or downwards tilt. Additionally, the center column can be independently rotated 360°.

The Tripod Explained

The tripod: a three-legged camera support. Why is the tripod market so flooded with options when they all look pretty much the same and are designed to do the same exact thing? Isn’t one tripod as good as any other? Why are some so expensive? Why are others comparatively inexpensive? Do some hold cameras more steadily than others? And, why in the world is that one pink?

15 Last-Minute Photography-Related Gift Ideas

Hey, it is the 11th hour! Are you like me (and many others) who cannot figure out what to get for all but your closest friends, family members, and romantic partners?

Well, here are a few ideas for those with the dreaded gift-giving block—some from my colleagues at B&H who told me what was on their last-minute wish lists!

Video Gear for the Young Filmmaker

If you have a young filmmaker in your life and you are looking for some way to connect with them, then this is the article for you. From big to small, inexpensive to “it’s more than I paid for my first new car!” this article will briefly touch upon practical and fun gear for young filmmakers, beginning and experienced. 

While you may be concerned that gear-buying is a very personal decision (and that is a valid concern), if the young filmmaker is starting from scratch, no worries—and if they already have gear, then there will be plenty to choose from that is camera agnostic.

Vanguard Pioneer Outdoor Bags: Designed for the Hunt, Built for Hunters

12 Recommended Travel Tripods

Learn about about some of the top tripods best suited for your travel photography needs. 

The Vanguard VEO265CB Carbon Fiber Tripod at the Navy Yard

As a photographer, there are few genres of photography in which I haven’t dabbled. I’ve shot portraiture, products, and sports, and I even took a camera out at a wedding once. But if you ask what my favorite type of photography is, it is this: maritime industrial subjects at night. With a bit of luck, I now have access to a working shipyard seven minutes (by bike) from my apartment in Brooklyn!

17 Macro Photos of Items in My Camera Bag

For a photographer, macro photography might be the perfect “rainy day” activity. Once you discover close-up photos of things, you realize that everything can be turned into a photograph, especially on the macro level.

All Images © Todd Vorenkamp

So, with so many “everythings” out there to shoot, what should you train your macro lens on?

Vanguard VEO: Innovative New Tripods & Monopods For 2015

In this B&H article overview, we announce alloy and carbon fiber tripods and monopods from Vanguard.

See The Difference: Vanguard Endeavor ED II 10x42 Binocular

Vanguard’s new flagship binoculars boast high-end extra-low-dispersion glass, plus a host of significant upgrades. We put them to the test to see how well they perform.


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