Quick Look: X-Rite ColorChecker Video and ColorChecker Passport

In this quick look at the X-Rite Colorchecker Passport Video, Allan Weitz, of B&H Photo, details its uses and features, explaining the advantages of adding a color chart to your video workflow. In exploring this versatile-multipurpose tool, Weitz highlights the ease of use and specific advantages of each of the targets that make up the Color Passport Video, while pointing out their benefits to you in crafting your final image.

An Introduction to Color Calibration

Color can be one of your greatest allies in the creative process. Even more than color itself, the assurance that your color balance looks as good as possible, is accurate from capture to export, and is consistent from screen to screen can be paramount to sharing your vision with others. To achieve this control over color, a color calibration process is a necessity.

How To Calibrate Your Monitor

Whenever you open, select, or edit the digital images you’ve shot, or creatively correct or enhance them using post-production software such as Photoshop or Lightroom, you are relying on a display device—a monitor connected to or built into your computer, tablet, or smartphone—to show you an accurate representation of your images.


Working with a Photo Assistant

Some wedding photographers work without an assistant; others say they can’t do their job effectively without one. How do you decide if or when you need an assistant?

New X-Rite ColorMunki, i1Display Pro and ColorChecker Passport Bundles

If you’ve found that the images you’re seeing on your camera’s display just don’t look the same once they are seen on your monitor, then you probably need to calibrate your equipment—and X-Rite is here to help. For a limited time X-Rite is offering a complete, tailored-made bundle for those in the photographic community who want to ensure they capture, edit and display their work properly—with the correct colors.

X-Rite Unveils a New Level of Ease in Color Management for Digital Imaging

If you use monitors, projectors, cameras or printers in your digital imaging workflow then you know how crucial it is to have accurate and reliable color calibration, from start to finish. X-Rite has released the new i1 Pro 2 line of professional color management solutions.

Color Management with the X-Rite Color Checker Passport

Color management in digital photography is the supervision of color from input to output. A camera captures color, a monitor displays this color accurately and a printer outputs what's on the screen. Seem simple? Guess again.

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