One Fish, Two Fish, Photos of Me and You Fish

Want to take better fishing photographs? Read our tips for better fishing trophy shots, on B&H Explora!

Leaving the DSLR at Home: Ten Smartphone Travel Photography Accessories

As a child, I remember looking forward to summer vacation all year. Two months without responsibilities, roaming free until the leaves began to change color. It never occurred to me that I wouldn’t get the same time off as an adult! Today, I know the truth: most people don’t get anywhere close to that kind of vacation time so, if you’re like me, most of your trips are weekend jaunts and the occasional longer trip.

A Guide to Phones for Business Travelers

For most people, traveling isn’t much fun. Tickets are expensive, planes are cramped, and taxi drivers prefer a spiral route over a direct one to your destination. If you’re traveling for business, knowing that you’ll spend your stay in meetings instead of on the beach or exploring a new city makes your trip that much more unpleasant.

Lighting Options for Mobile Photography

Not long ago, mobile phones were judged by their sound quality. Nowadays, phones are judged by their image quality. “Can you hear me now?” has been replaced by “Your phone has how many lenses?” But while image quality continues to improve in quantum leaps, the lighting systems built into our mobile communication devices are “quaint” at best.

Recommended Support and Grip Devices for Smartphones and Tablets

Even though smartphones and tablets were designed to be used as handheld devices, first and foremost, unless you’re taking pictures under bright sunny skies, you should mount your phone or tablet on some sort of support device for truly sharp images. Support devices for smartphones and tablets come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and in this roundup, we consider some of the options.

Wrap it Before You Snap it: Waterproof Camera Gear

Summer is here, so get ready for a photo/video adventure on the beach or in the water, with B&H’s broad array of waterproof camera/smartphone bags, housings, and accessories. Whether you want to catch some rays, ride the waves, explore beneath the surface, or enjoy a scenic boat ride, these enclosures keep your camera or mobile device protected from the water while you’re having fun. Accessories such as color-correction filters and add-on conversion lenses help you enhance your images with ease.

How to Make the Portfolio Your Promotional Centerpiece

Whether you live to take photos, or take photos to earn a living, few things compare to the joy and satisfaction of making a new portfolio featuring your best shots. Besides being rewarding activities, marketing, meeting with buyers, and showing new work is essential to the success of a professional photographer. Slower periods such as those around holidays, the end of summer, and the first month of the year are ideal times to get your promotional materials in tiptop shape. Be sure to gather supplies ahead of time, as some portfolio materials require special ordering.

Portable Entertainment Gifts for Everyone on Your List

These days, holiday cheer is synonymous with holiday presents. One usually leads to the other. Unfortunately, shopping for everyone on your list can turn holiday cheer into holiday doldrums. This succinct gift guide features a product image followed by a short description of that product. It should help you quickly find something for everyone on your list.


B&H Wedding Guide: Electronic Wedding Albums and Digital Wedding Media

Physical wedding albums are an important keepsake for most couples. However, today’s newlyweds are increasingly using tablet computers and other digital media to keep an electronic photo album of their big day, and likewise, most wedding photographers have incorporated digital services into their offerings.

Holiday 2012: Gadgets for Vehicles

It would be best if people willingly turned off and put away their personal electronic devices when they got into a car, but most folks routinely ride in vehicles with their handheld gadgets in hand, hurriedly multitasking as they barrel down the highway. Thankfully, there are numerous accessories available at B&H that succeed in getting these devices out of people’s hands.


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