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Here Hello Kitty, Kitty, Kitty


Her sweetness is beloved by young children and rock stars alike. Her face adorns many items, from airplanes to toasters. And now Hello Kitty fans have even more to love with their favorite kitty's adorable face on laptop accessories and electronic gadgets galore!

Miss Kitty White (Hello Kitty's given birth name) loves to study English, art and music in school—and I am sure she uses her tiny kitty tablet or laptop to learn more about each of her favorite subjects! So, isn't it fitting that you can now have your favorite tablet or laptop protected by your favorite kitty? There are sleeves for laptops of any size that will not add bulk to your bag. The neoprene material used to create each case is soft, yet very protective against scratches, dents and dings. And while protecting your treasured possession, you can simultaneously proclaim your love for this adorable kitten!

Starting small, the Hello Kitty 2-in-1 Shell and Sleeve for the iPad 2 gives you all the cuteness and protection you'll need for your iPad 2. Full of Hello Kitty style, the black-and-pink hard shell case clips to the back of your tablet, and the matching neoprene sleeve snugly fits the encased iPad 2 under its overlapping flap.

If you want a simple laptop sleeve to pop into your backpack, the cute Hello Kitty Pink Zippered Sleeve is lightweight and fits laptops up to 10.2 inches. For a notebook with a screen up to 12 inches, the Hello Kitty Neoprene Sleeve keeps it tucked in with a protective over-flap. And, available to comfortably fit both 14- and 16-inch laptops within their zippered closures, are the Hello Kitty Black Neoprene Sleeve (14 inches and 16 inches) and the Hello Kitty Red Neoprene Sleeve (14 inches and 16 inches). These sleeves keep your notebook computer feeling cool but looking hot.

Perhaps a step up from a simple backpack sleeve is the Hello Kitty Neoprene Mini Case (also available in Pink, of course) for notebooks with screens up to 12 inches. This case has a closure with way-too-cute black zipper pulls in the shape of Hello Kitty's head. Made of the same protective material as the sleeves, this case has two carry handles and a front pocket, so it is very functional as its own little laptop bag.

If you get annoyed by your laptop's built-in touchpad, add some functionality and style to your laptop, or your desktop computer, with a Hello Kitty mouse and mouse pad. Yes, this kitty makes no exceptions regarding who she loves and is friends with—this kitty and your mouse are very compatible!

First of all, the Hello Kitty Mouse Pad with Wrist Rest (available in pink or red) has a gel-filled sac to keep your wrist supported and comfortable as you run your mouse around the pad. For added fun, the Hello Kitty 3D Mouse Pad has a 3D effect that will make any 2D mouse pad look BOR-ing.

As for the mice, Hello Kitty has quite the adorable mouse friends. The Hello Kitty Wireless USB Mouse (available in pink and black) frees you from all cords with its 2.4 GHz plug and play wireless connection. It also has an On/Off switch. This mouse is a more compact size to accommodate smaller hands comfortably. Wider than the wireless mouse is the Hello Kitty USB Mouse. This mouse is sculpted into the shape of Hello Kitty's head, complete with her yellow nose, black whiskers and pink bow. Scroll to your heart's content—with your kitty at hand at all times. My favorite of the Hello Kitty mice is the Hello Kitty EZ Click Mouse. This compact mouse's body has a water-globe effect with a little Hello Kitty charm floating inside! While you are moving the mouse around on your pad, employing the useful scroll feature, rainbow-colored LED lights inside the body ignite to create a very fun experience for kids and grownups alike.

Another awesome accessory for your laptop is the pink Hello Kitty USB Gooseneck Lamp from Sakar. If you need your laptop space a bit more illuminated, this little lamp with 6 LED lights plugs into any USB port, and its twistable cord allows you to adjust its placement. An On/Off switch allows you to turn the lamp off without unplugging it.

Now desktop computers need not feel left out of Hello Kitty love. Spice up your desktop computer with the black Hello Kitty Wireless Keyboard. This keyboard looks slick, with Hello Kitty's face sketched in white along the top edge. And for practicality and functionality, the keyboard has a 2.4 GHz wireless connection.

For those of you who crave to carry Hello Kitty with you everywhere, along with your laptop, check out the pink-and-white Vivitar Hello Kitty Nylon Messenger Case. Pictured on the over-flap is the kitten herself, surrounded with various things she loves, such as a violin, a birthday cake and toys. Carry this adorable pink-and-white bag across your body with the comfortable shoulder strap and shoulder pad. The interior has a compartment to hold a laptop up to 15.4 inches and another larger space for anything else you need to carry with you. This bag is fun and practical and full of Hello Kitty love, just like you.

Another great laptop bag is the Vivitar Hello Kitty Canvas Messenger Bag. This bag is black with red and white Hello Kitty accents. This bag has a comfortable, adjustable shoulder strap and a front pocket that can hold often-needed things like your phone, wallet or keys. Inside the bag are two compartments, one of which can fit a laptop up to 14 inches, and the other can hold books or school supplies. This bag is stylish with room for everything you need, including maybe even your favorite little Hello Kitty stuffed animal.

A main thing for any Hello Kitty fan is to show your allegiance to Miss Kitty. Therefore, if your laptop is Hello Kitty-ed, your iPhone 4 needs to be as well, right? Sakar's Hello Kitty Gel Case (available in pink and in black with white polka dots) definitely proclaims your love for Miss Kitty. It fits exactly to the back and side edges of your iPhone 4, while also allowing access to all ports and controls. Oh, and it has an opening for the camera, too. It protects your phone from dents and scratches with its gel-like material, which is actually blended rubber and plastic. This material also gives your phone added grip if you are prone to dropping it frequently.

Another cute phone case is Sakar's Hello Kitty iPhone 4 Hardshell Case (available in red, pink and black). This case also fits exactly to the back and edges of your phone, but it is made of a hard plastic, so no gel here. It will, however, protect your phone from scratches and dents and like the gel case, it has openings for all ports and controls as well as for the camera. It’s really just up to you whether you prefer a gel or a hardshell case—either choice is PURR-fectly Hello Kitty adorable and will brighten your mood each time you see it.

Hello Kitty loves music, and I know you do too, so what would be better than a Hello Kitty MP3 player? Sakar's 2GB Hello Kitty Digital MP3 Player is shaped like the head of the precious little kitten. Tiny and portable, this MP3 player has 2GB of storage, which can hold up to 100 songs or about 6 hours of music. The player comes with earbuds, which fit into the standard 3.5mm stereo headphone jack. Upload songs and charge the battery easily by connecting the USB cable from the MP3 player to your computer. On the back of the kitty's head are buttons to control playback, play/pause and forwarding through tracks. An LED light on the back also indicates the status of your music selection. This is a fantastic treat for anyone who loves music and loves Hello Kitty.

After a long day on the go and listening to your MP3 player with your earbuds, give your ears a break and connect your MP3 player to the Hello Kitty Speaker Head. This speaker matches the MP3 player because it is also shaped like the head of our favorite kitty. If your Hello Kitty MP3 player is too tired from a long day of playing, you can also use the 1.8-inch mini connection or USB connection to attach this speaker to your smartphone, any USB audio device and any other non-kitty MP3 player. The speaker comes with a 4.3-foot cord so you can have liberty with placement anywhere you want to listen to your favorite songs.

Perfect for your locker, dorm room or bedroom is the Hello Kitty Light-up Message Board, which is framed with a pink border adorned with Hello Kitty's adorable face. Leave messages or draw pictures for your friends, parents, siblings or anyone else with the erasable marker. Your message will then light up and glow or even flash on and off for real attention-grabbing fun! The board has magnetic backing to easily attach to your locker, fridge or anything metal. It can also be hung from the wall, but hardware is not included for that. Four AAA batteries are required. Let your thoughts be known . . . in flashing-light, Hello Kitty style.

Novice photographers and little kids alike will enjoy the Hello Kitty camera/video recording selection. Starting out very basic and tiny, the Sakar Hello Kitty VGA Digital Camera weighs only 8.8 ounces—perfect for little hands. The preview screen is only 1.1 inches, so it is a bit hard to see, but to make up for it there are three faceplates that you can change with your mood on the all-pink body. The camera comes with photo-editing software (compatible with Windows and Mac), so you can play with your VGA resolution (640 X 480 pixel) pictures. The camera holds up to 79 pictures; no film or SD card needed. This camera can also shoot video clips and can be used as a Web cam. Two AAA batteries are required.

Slightly more advanced is the Sakar Hello Kitty 7.1MP Digital Camera. This camera is very compact and easy for little hands to handle. Hello Kitty's precious little face on the front of the camera will make all photo subjects eager to smile. This camera has 4x digital zoom with an easy to use, up-down zoom button and a 1.8 inch preview screen that children will be able to manage perfectly on their own with its three larger buttons. There is a built-in flash, which seems to be lacking in many cameras intended for child use. Be sure to get an SD card (sold separately) for this one, and two AAA batteries are also needed. When your child is finished with her shoot, upload the pics to your computer. The camera comes with the fun and entertaining Snap n' Share photo editing software (for use with both Windows and Mac) so your child can add frames, make stickers and create a diary and scrapbook.

The two previously mentioned cameras fit PURR-fectly within the Vivitar Hello Kitty Hardshell Camera Case (available in red, black and pink). Your precious kitty camera will stay protected from scratches, water, heat and UV rays in this little zippered kitty case. It attaches easily to your belt, and a strap is included so you can wear it around your neck instead. It is adorable enough to be viewed as a huge Hello Kitty necklace. Ha-ha!

If video recordings are more your style, the Sakar Hello Kitty Digital Video Recorder with Camera is sweet. It is pink with a mosaic of little white Hello Kitty faces all over its front. Flipping 180 degrees is easy for kids with this handy little camera and video recorder. The larger, 1.8-inch LCD preview screen flips over so you can photograph or record videos of others or yourself, easy as pie. You can also film close up with the 4x digital zoom. Kiddies LOVE the ability to record and play back their goofiness, and there is a built-in microphone to catch ALL the amusement. Just be sure to get an SD card (sold separately) and AA batteries (two are required) to be sure the giggles last for hours. And if still shots are taken, when finished, upload the images on your computer and the included Snap n' Share photo editing software (compatible with Windows and Mac) will allow your little ones to add frames, make stickers and create a diary and scrapbook.

The red Sakar Hello Kitty Digital Video Camcorder with Preview Screen is a great little kitty gadget for any budding director. The 1.5-inch LCD preview screen flips out so you can catch all the action as it happens with 4x optical zoom. Be sure to get an SD card and three AAA batteries so your little director can have fun for hours. Once finished shooting, your little one can connect the camcorder to the computer with the included USB cable to use the Snap n' Share software to organize and edit clips. An AV cable is even included so you can watch your child's fully shot and edited videos directly on your TV. Your whole family will be entertained, and memories will live forever with this awesome kitty kiddie camcorder.

Miss Kitty White is an international icon. To know her is to find her adorable. Hello Kitty has been around for more than 35 years. She isn't going anywhere, so why not show your love for this little kitten? Or, better yet, why not introduce her to someone new—a little child who will love her for 35 more years?

  Hello Kitty Digital Video Recorder with Camera Hello Kitty Digital Video Camcorder with Preview Screen
Zoom Digital: 4x Digital: 4x
Recording Media SD SD
Display Type LCD LCD
Screen Size 1.8" 1.5"
Built-in Mic Yes Yes
Output Connectors 1x USB/AV out 1x USB/AV out
System Requirements Windows XP (SP3), Vista (SP1), 7
Mac OS X 10.5 or later
Windows XP (SP3), Vista (SP1), 7
Mac OS X 10.5 or later
Battery 2x AA batteries 3x AAA batteries
Weight Not Specified by Manufacturer 0.83 lb / 0.38 kg

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ha ha hello kitty..... meow

This is why i love bandh. I can indulge all my geeky digital obsessions and then I can get the latest Hello Kitty news. This is great. I never knew you had so much Hello Kitty! i think I'll be picking a few of these kitty-rific items up for my nieces. I remember when I was a kid, I loved Kitty!!!

OMG!!! I luv hello kitty

Yeay! I love Hello Kitty. So nice to see an article about Miss Kitty White on your website too. I never
knew B&H had so much love for the kitten who changed the world. I think will be picking up one of those Hello Kitty camcorders very soon. Too cute! You guys rock!