Covert Scouting Cameras Hooks up Wireless Wildlife Cameras


When you think about it, wireless connectivity is the logical next step in the world of trail cameras. Remote operation of home security and other systems has become commonplace, and it was inevitable that the same advantages would be applied to technology for monitoring game habitat.

Covert Scouting Cameras, of Lewisburg, Kentucky, aims to be a leader in wireless trail cams. The company has several models with connectivity and a web portal and mobile app that allow you to control the camera and view images remotely from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. The company offers eight wireless plans, four with Verizon and four with AT&T.

The Covert Windtalker cam offers a wide 58-degree field of view, a fast 0.4-second trigger speed, invisible flash with a 100' range, 1080 full HD video with audio and the ability to send five-second videos. Using an AT&T data plan and sporting Mossy Oak Country camo, the Windtalker also delivers a 1-10-shot burst mode, maximum silence image capture to avoid spooking game, a 2.4" color display, and time, date, temperature, and moon phase stamps, to lend context to its images. The Blackhawk 12.0, using a Verizon plan, shoots video at a lower resolution than the Windtalker, but also offers a choice of photo resolution level—12, 8, 5 and 3MP—so you can manage capacity on the cam’s up-to-32GB SDHC memory card. The Code Black 12.0 comes with features similar to the Blackhawk, but runs on an AT&T plan.

Along with the wireless models, B&H carries a number of Covert cams that are managed the old-fashioned way, by visiting the camera, removing the memory card and viewing the images and video on your computer back home. The Illuminator, Night Stalker, Outlook and Night Stryker models have 12MP sensors; the MP8, Outlook, Phantom and Night Stalker employ invisible flash. All but the MPE6 work in both passive infrared (PIR) trigger and time-lapse modes (the MPE6 is time-lapse only), so you can accumulate a record of events and conditions at your cam location while still capturing images/videos of anything that passes by.

So whether you choose to operate your camera from the comfort of your mobile device or throw on your jacket and boots to collect your images from the field, Covert’s trail cameras will help you keep track of what (or who) is on the move in your neck of the woods.