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30 Panasonic GH5 Question and Answer Highlights from Our @Ask_BH Twitter Feed


The new Panasonic GH5 is here and the photography and filmmaking world is buzzing with excitement while we all wait to get our hands on the new Micro Four Thirds interchangeable-lens workhorse.

B&H Photo has been taking customer questions since our live launch on our @Ask_BH Twitter page, and here are some of the best of the Twitter Q&A.*

Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5 Mirrorless Micro Four Thirds Digital Camera
  1. Is the GH5 going to be awesome? I have the legendary GH2 and I am contemplating finally making the jump to 4K!
    Yes, the GH5 is expected to be Awesome! It comes with 4K/60p, & 4K HDR and 6K will be available, Summer 2017, via firmware update.

  2. How is the autofocus tracking on the GH5?
    With the expanded AF system, and newer/faster processor, AF tracking is much improved over the GH4.

  3. How will 8-bit versus 10-bit on the GH5 make a difference for videographers?
    This will provide improved color fidelity and detail with fewer artifacts, making it better suited to grading and other post-production.

  4. Will the GH5 accept E-mount lenses? If so, will they communicate with the camera? Can't wait to see it!!
    Unfortunately, the GH5 will only accept lenses within the Micro Four Thirds system.

  5. How long does the battery last when shooting video with the GH5?
    The DMW-BLF19 battery for the GH5 will give you approximately 120 minutes when shooting in AVCHD format for video.

  1. For someone who has not yet made the switch to 4K, is this a worthwhile camera? How is the 1080p performance?
    Full 1080p HD performance is great and is offered up to 180 fps. You can also record in 4K and down-sample in post to create sharper and cleaner footage.

  2. Does the GH5 come with V-Log built in?
    No, it does not; however, it is available as a separate purchase. V-Log L Upgrade B&H #PADMWSFU1VLO.

    Panasonic V-Log L Function Activation Code
  3. What is the purpose of the picture profiles and optional V-Log L upgrade for the GH5?
    The Cinelike profiles and optional V-Log L create a very flat rendering that will maximize the dynamic range of the 8-bit and 10-bit footage. Also, it gives greater flexibility to render and edit contrast and colors in post.

  4. Can you explain the different shutter types on the GH5? I see there are some new ones listed.
    1/3 The GH5 has three different shutter types. There’s mechanical shutter, which starts and ends the exposure mechanically.

    2/3 There is Electronic Front Curtain Shutter, which starts the exposure electronically and ends with the mechanical shutter.

    3/3 Lastly, there is the Electronic Shutter which starts and ends the exposure electronically.

  5. I currently have the G7 and I LOVE it! I am looking at upgrading, will the GH5 use the same lenses as my G7? Thanks!
    Both the G7 and GH5 use the same Micro Four Thirds lens mount, so your lenses will be interchangeable between cameras.

  1. What is the 6K PHOTO feature exactly?
    6K PHOTO records a burst of 18MP images at 30 fps, allowing photographers to choose a frame after the fact so that you won’t miss the action.

  2. What are the options for shooting 4K video to an SD card?
    4:2:2 10 -bit, 4096 x 2160p at 23.98, 24, 25 fps; 4:2:0 8-bit 4096 x 2160p at up to 60 fps. Also, UHD 4K is available at the same settings.

  3. Will the camera be able to record 4K internally while at the same time exporting a clean 4K signal over HDMI?
    Yes, you will be able to record 4K internally and externally simultaneously in most video settings.

  4. Will the GH5 have timecode IN capabilities?
    While the GH5 does have timecode out, it does not appear to have timecode in.

  5. What is the bitrate for the Variable Frame Rate mode?
    On the GH5 while in MP4/MOV mode VFR will be available at 100 Mbps. In AVCHD mode it will be 24 Mbps.

  1. How is the low-light performance when shooting HFR?
    When shooting High Frame Rates, the shutter will go up to compensate. You will want to shoot HFR in better lighting conditions, as a result.

  2. Rumor is circulating that 4K and proxies can be recorded simultaneously to the different cards. Is this true?
    Yes, it is.

  3. How much better is the low-light performance of the GH5 compared to the GH4. At what ISO is noise is introduced?
    The low-light performance is much improved per our panel. There is a little noise at 3200, but it cleans up easily in post.

  4. How long does one battery last and are there any overheating issues?
    The battery should last for about 120 minutes. There are no overheating issues reported at this time.

  5. Does the GH5 support simultaneous video recording to both card slots?
    Video can be recorded simultaneously to both cards, except in the AVCHD format.

  1. Can you explain the “4K Video with No Crop?”
    As compared to the GH4, there isn’t additional cropping when shooting 4K video with the GH5. It will be 2X for photo and video.

  2. What is the estimated 4K record length on a 64GB memory card?
    The estimated record time for 4K at 30p at 100 Mbps on a 64GB card is 1 hour and 20 minutes. Other high bitrate settings will reduce this time.

  3. Does the touchscreen support touch-to-focus?
    There is autofocus via the touchscreen on the GH5.

  4. What is the time limit for recording video on the GH5?
    There are no time limits on recording in either Full HD or 4K. Recording is continuous, limited only by the memory card/recorder.

  5. I am impressed with the video specs but what about the autofocus performance for stills?
    The DFD autofocus system (along with the much larger 225 AF points distribution) has been greatly improved for faster and more accurate focusing.

  1. What are the minimum specs for SD cards to enable 4:2:2 10-bit 4K internal recording?
    UHS-II speed class 3 (U3/V30) cards would be recommended for use with the GH5.

  2. Will I be able to use the same adapters and speed boosters on the GH5 as I do on my GH4?
    Yes, as the GH5 and GH4 have the same Micro Four Thirds mount, all adapters and lenses should fit. However, the XL versions of speed boosters may not cover when shooting with the GH5 as it no longer crops in when shooting video.

  3. How can I get XLR inputs with the GH5? Is the YAGH unit from the GH4 compatible?
    To get XLR and advanced audio control with the GH5, you will need the DMW-XLR1 XLR Microphone Adapter. Unfortunately, the YAGH unit from the GH4 is not compatible.

    Panasonic DMW-XLR1 XLR Microphone Adapter
  4. Can I use the battery grip from my GH4?
    The GH5 requires the use of the new DMW-BGGH5 Battery Grip, which has an updated design to match the GH5’s body.

    Panasonic DMW-BGGH5 Battery Grip
  5. Is the GH5 the new standard?
    With the amount of technology and number of upgrades packed into a camera of this size and price range, it will become a standard for many.

Do you have questions on the Panasonic GH5? Head over to our @Ask_BH Twitter page or post them below! Thanks!

*Questions and replies have been edited for clarity.

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good god, are you serious ? how about a real review .... 

this first question is brainless enough to pre-empt me from reading the rest: 

Is the GH5 going to be awesome? I have the legendary GH2 and I am contemplating finally making the jump to 4K!
Yes, the GH5 is expected to be Awesome! It comes with 4K/60p, & 4K HDR and 6K will be available, Summer 2017, via firmware update.

it used to be that you had to have the product in hand, trying it out, to review it ... so many sites i've visited over the past few months simply copy and paste the specs and add their own cheerleading ... i expected MUCH better from b and h.