Canon Lifts the Curtains on the 6D Mark II


Canon announced two DSLRs today, but perhaps nothing in the lineup was more highly anticipated than the EOS 6D Mark II. After looking through the spec sheet, photographers will definitely be pleased with Canon’s upgrades improving the camera in practically every way. Sitting just below the 5D Mark IV, the latest full-frame DSLR from Canon sports a brand new 26.2MP CMOS sensor and the DIGIC 7 Image Processor, which will help create sharp, low-noise imagery, even when working at native sensitivities up to ISO 40000 or extended up to ISO 102400. That isn’t the only major advancement in this camera, because it now comes equipped with a capable 45-point All Cross-type AF System that is leaps and bounds above the 11-point system of the original.

Canon EOS 6D Mark II

Dual Pixel CMOS AF with phase-detection makes an appearance in the 6D line now, ensuring lightning-fast and accurate focusing in both live view and video. The camera is faster now, with a continuous shooting rate of 6.5 fps and Full HD video recording at up to 60p. While not the 4K spec of the latest 5D, the quality of video from the 6D Mark II should be superb. Users will also have access to a 3.5mm microphone input for improved audio quality.

While the original 6D handled very well, there are some notable changes to the body design that will be appreciated, including weather sealing to protect against dust and water. The Mark II also becomes the first full-frame Canon camera to offer a vari-angle LCD, this one being a 3.0" touchscreen, as well, for intuitive operation. Along with these upgrades, the camera features a slightly redesigned body for improved comfort and ergonomics and it now offers a Canon 3-pin connection on the front. As is to be expected nowadays, the Mark II features built-in Wi-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth, and GPS. Users will also be able to pick up the BG-E21 Battery Grip for extended shooting times and improved ergonomics when shooting in portrait orientation.

The camera will be available as a body only, as well as in a kit with the EF 24-105mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM Lens or a kit with the EF 24-105mm f/4L IS II USM Lens. Read about the new Canon EOS Rebel SL2 here.


What I really would like to see would be Canon`s white paper about the camera explaining the new features ang getting deeper in the technology and improvements as it would used to be back to the days of the 50D, 5d mk2 and so on.

Apart from the dual-card slot, which would hurt a lot of sales of the 5D mk3,mk4, as it could be used professionally (with security) most of the complaints can be solved. If you need 4K, buy a 4k camera. This is not a 4k camera. ;)

In short, buy the tool suitable for your needs.

I agree that the camera could have more features but if doesn`t suit you, don`t buy it, It`s very simple.


Best regards.


No 4K? Don't care. I have professional Canon Video cameras for that. In a pinch, I always have my iPhone 7! The lack of 1/250 is not a big deal as well. No c-log? I fully understand. If I needed that I would have shelled out the extra $1,300 bucks for the 5D MK4. Canon want's to separate between the two cameras. Too many people want the 5D MK4 for the price of the 6D MK2. Since I'm all Canon, I'm not going to sell everything to move to a Sony or Nikon, etc. I did move from a 6D to the MKII. The 6D will now be a back up camera. BTW, If I was to  get a used 5D MK3, I'd probably spend the cash to get the mirror repaced as it would probably have a lot of shutter clicks on it.

No headphone jack, no 100% VF, no "even 1/250 flash sync", no 4K, no zebra, no c-log.... Thx

No 4K?? Forget... Maybe when the Mark III comes, WITH 4K, I will give it a thought...

Can't get any info on the following:

Will the new 6D mk2 have the ability to change focusing screens like the old 6D.

Will the new 6D mk2 have the latest Gear and Cam driven Mirror Mechanism of the 7D, 5D and 5DS/R series of DSLR's

Will the new 6D mk2 have a Mirror lock up delay like the 5DS/R 

Calling Canon was a waste of time, and the roll out to the public of this camera was like a intro to a new Smaet phone, very disappointing to say the least. Rudy Wintson please help.


Hi Gary,

It seems like it may support changing the focusing screen, but that compatibility is limited to the one supplied (and replacements).

As Canon did not make any mention of the Gear and Cam Mirror Mechanism I would suspect it does not use this type of system in its design.

There is no mirror lock up delay like the 5DS/R, but you can still use a self timer with mirror lock up.

Hope this helps.

Canon continues to try the patience of their users with another sub standard offering.

At this price point this camera makes zero sense, you can get the Nikon D810 for $2200 on eBay brand new and that camera blows this out of the water. 36 MP, dual card slots, superior dynamic range, lower base ISO and less noise, higher shutter speed and not a measily 1/4000, basically everything this 6D mark1.5 should have been 

The D810 is a superb camera. However John, you do have to realize that the D810 native ISO only goes up to 12800, while the 6dII goes up to 40000, so I don't know where you get the 'superior dynamic range' statement from.

No 4K??? No thanks!  And to the photographers saying that these cameras should only do pictures and no video, wake up and get with the program.  DSLRs offer video makers features and aesthetics that we can't get from most dedicated camcorders.  Photographers who wish we didn't have these tools in their photo cameras only shows a shallow "I only care about myself" attitude.  For now I'll stick with my Panasonic GH5.  4k isn't just a nice feature to have, it's a must if you want to get creative with zooms and crops added in post.

I'm in the middle. I have a 6D and I've been very frustrated by the few focus points. That's fixed in the Mk II. Personally, I don't care about 4K video. Like others, I'm amazed that there are not two card slots. I see I can buy a new 5D Mk III for $2399. Why wouldn't that be a better step up from the 6D, for about the same price??

Hi Robert,

The 6D2 vs 5D3 looks like it may be a very interesting debate. I would argue that Dual Pixel AF may be very helpful to some users and the 6D2 has a newer sensor which should improve on resolution, sensitivity, and dynamic range. I think IQ may be a bit better than the 5D3, but in terms of operation, performance, and durability the 5D3 will win.

I've used a 6D for about 3 years. I use back button focus, witht the middle focus point. I prefer to control focus like I control everything else (although the back button focus is much better than manual), and I don't want the camera to re-focus whenever I press the shutter button. I will rpbably upgrade at some point for the improved processor and sensor.

After reading all of these comments, I am sooooo glad that I was taught the art of photography by someone who always said that "good photos come from good photographers, not from good cameras". 

Having said that, I am sitting in front of a Canon camera collection that spans 52 years of use.  Most of these camera's still work fine, and most have produced sellable and published images. 

Most of what I do is still photography.  I have never had any reason to complain about the quality and/or the capabilities of my Canon cameras and lenses.  The images are great, and have been used in training materials throughout the United States.  A lot of what I do now, involves video.  For those materials, I prefer to use a dedicated video camera that is optimized for that use. 

In the world of video, Sony holds a dominent place.  They have been involved in that world for many years and have earned a great reputation.  In the world of still photography, Canon and Nikon are the the leaders.  They have earned, and continue to earn, their respective rights to to be at the top of the pack.  The next time you watch a sporting, or news event, look at how many Canon DSLRs you see, as compared with how many Sony DSLRs you don't see.  Sony specs may look good on paper, but for Canon, the proof is in the qaulity of the millions of published images that these cameras produce.

As for mirrorless cameras.... I say each to their own.  For me, nothing is better for quality compositon than the clean, clear, and real images provided by optical view finders.  I am so glad that I gave up crummy electronic view finders several years ago.  Also, I am not as big of a fan of 4K.  While many 4K videos, I have seen, are truly spectacular, their are too many that have a somewhat fake appearance.  They often remind of the phony video images from video taped soap opera's of the 1960s.

Finally... I do recognize the quality and performance of Sony video products.  I also have to give Canon a great deal of credit for what they have done with video as well.  For a good example, take a long hard look at the popular "Piano Guys" videos that have received millions of views on YouTube.  These spectacular videos are general shot with Canon DSLRs and video products.

By the way, thanks to Canon for adding the fold out screen to the new 6D.  Super great feature for both still and video photography



I'm in the minority but I can't agree with you more. I have probably 30 years of Nikon still film cameras and glass and 15 years of Canon still digital cameras and glass. 

Most people want a camera that does it all and at high specs. Sorry,  life is not like that. If I have to ever shoot video,  I'll buy a dedicated Sony video or Canon Cinema or other video only camera. 

Most people I run into cold never photograph what they are shooting in film, they leave it on an auto function. Why do I moan a boy that? Because I had to make my career with film and manual lenses and little metering. But I'm thankful for knowing how to shoot in manual with film as it is a lost skill that only enhances one's ability to shoot with many AUTOPILOT features. 

IMHO,  if you only learned to shoot with the computer chip doing mist of the thinking, you're at a disadvantage. 

I'll be blasted by millennials, but their opinion has zero influence on me unless they can also shoot great photos by the seat of their pants with film as well as less automated equipment.  One day your meter or lens AF might not work...then what? Pack up and go home. NOPE.

Wow, I'm old, most of you must be young. I just don't get it. Do you want a still camera or a video camera. Personally I wish Canon and others would leave out video, gps and probably a few more things I can't think of at this moment. I've converted to digital but still like camera only, don't feel like waisting time with all kind of gadgetry to run down batteries. When I do photography I do photography with a high quality Camera. When  I do video I do video with a high quality video machine. You need to make up your mind and not 1/2 step everything

As one of the young ones in this crowd, I get it.  Not sure why it's hard for some of the older crowd to get it since photographers lose nothing by having video features added to their DSLR cameras.  Just keep the camera in photo mode and forget about the video mode altogether.  There, nothing lost.  To wish others didn't have features just because you don't use them, and to imply that people using a DSLR for video is a "1/2 step" is simply senile.  Best regards. 

What is lost is $$$ out of our pockets, as eliminating video features from a still camera will also decrease the cost.

Richard Zucco wrote:

What is lost is $$$ out of our pockets, as eliminating video features from a still camera will also decrease the cost.


Not really. For Cannon, the difference between still and video is all in the camera's software code, which would make little difference in price if they sold DSLRs that did not have video capability. They are thinking along the lines of what Pierre Louis said above. They have to put video capability in their cameras to stay competitive vis-a-vis Nikon, Sony, et al, and since it barely costs them more money to do so (just more coding to do at the software level), they might as well offer it, and if you don't like it, then don't use it. And yes, I had the exact same question you did years ago, did a lot of research online and with experts, and that's what I was told by numerous independent sources, including a Cannon rep. I NEVER use video with my DSLRs, and so I just don't access that side of the camera's capability. I'm also not a Milennial, if that helps (much older than that).

Really Canon that's it..........??????? Sony & Panasonic destroy your specs in this price range

I own a 7D Mark II  APS-C 20.2MP and was very happy with it because I needed the extra reach with the 1.6 crop factor, and a 65 point all cross-type AF sensor, 10 fps, dual card slots (1 SD & 1 CF), and GPS (the only thing missing is the WIFI for me). I use this body for airshows with a 100-400mm IS II USM with a 1.4X III teleconverter, and it gives me 560mm worth of reach with a minimum loss in image quality. I was hopeing to buy a second Full Frame camera body with between 30-50MP,  with a 45-65 point all cross-type AF sensor,  10fps, Dual card slot for TWO  SD  CARDS (I hate CF cards, its to easy to damage the pins), GPS, and WIFI and use the LP-E6N batteries. I don't care about the 4K video, I bought a camera not a cam recorder. But you are Right Canon Could have Offered this and so Much More in a New camera Body that took them five years to complete, to out pace its competitors, and retain it's customer base (their bread & butter!!!!!!!!!!). I am disapointed with this new 6D body...come on Canon you can do better then this thing your pushing on your customers!!!!!!

What r you thinking?

30-50MP, 45-65AF, 10FPS, DUAL CARD SLOT!!!
Not even a 1DX mark II has that!! Let alone a budget full frame camera.

Peoples expectations are ridiculously high, stop focusing on specs and more on getting a good shot.

45AF points is enough for aviation photography


Fds wrote:

45AF points is enough for aviation photography


True if you're shooting them up close (like on the ground), but he said he's using the 100-400mm with 1.4x teleconverter, and once you drop the 1.4x teleconverter in there, you only get one AF point (center), if your camera will allow it (most don't, and force the user to go manual).

It's fine that Canon don't want to include 4K in their 'lesser' line up but I think it will impact their sales and reputation. Personally I think Canon is marketing themselves back into the dark ages with no innovation and petty improvements. I see no reason to replace my 5D3 with the 5D4, the changes are so minimal that they are a user perceived difference only. 

I too also shoot a lot of video but am still not tempted by the 5D4, I'm not interested in the dinosaur 4K codec. I guess I'll use my Canon lenses on my GH4 and NX1 and keep my 5D as a stills only (although my NX1 is a better stills camea). 

Sadly Canon, I see your demise and it's at your own hands, it may be that you remain in this industry as a lens maker only but your time with majority market share for cameras is coming to an end. With smartphones able to shoot better quality video your riding the slippery slope. By limiting functions and features to protect some of your line up, you have succeeded in opening the doors for the competition to swamp you.

haha.  5d4 is a huge upgrade over 5d3.  most photographers could not care less about video

I don't understand all the people crying for 4K... This is obviously a dslr for still photography and not video, thus no headphone jack. I just got a mk IV and I'm seriously considering selling it for that one. The mk IV has 30 MP, I don't need that much, long exposure noise is sometimes pretty bad, 24 MP is PLENTY!! It has two memory card slots that I don't need either, my main photography is LE so a 64 MB card never gets full, I usually come back from a 2 week phototrip with around 300 pics max! So again, not a problem to me. The vari-angle screen is a game changer, I miss it all the time using the 5D series... The 6D has wifi and bluetooth, perfect, 45 focus points is ok since I do 100% manual focus.

If the 6D mk II sensor comes out to be a good one I'll probably sell my mk IV and get the 6D mk II with a lens...

Still no 4K eh? I just don't get Canon!

Guys, guys, guys.

Is 4K *that* important? I mean yeah, it'd be nice, but if you're looking for a video camera then the 6D series is NOT it. The 5D series is MUCH better for video – headphone jack, 4K, etc.

Personally I think that Canon has come out with a very well-rounded body. A body that is designed for Photography, not video. However good the 6D series is (I should know, I've got one), it is far from Canon's premier line of DSLRs and their dedicated video cameraas are even further beyond.

This is like expecting a base Corvette to match the Le Mans time of its GTE sibling. This is like being mad that the new SL2 doesn't have the 45-point AF system. It's stupid and unreasonable and the 6D isn't good for video anyways, so why not leave the video to bodies oriented towards video and appreciate that the 6D2 is a properly good photo camera?

No, it's just that the direction photography is headed is in hybrid mirrorless with great photo and video capability. Pros, prosumers, and consumers want both photography and video. The demand for such is way overwhelming. All of us complainers loved (past tense) Canon. They started the whole hybrid game with the 5D Mark II. We are just disappointed that they are no longer on top of their game.

This is a very sad upgrade.. 4 or so years later and its finally on par with the Nikon D750. So people say, dont worry about video, buy a proper video camera, then why only ONE CARD SLOT? That's ridiculous! and hell yes you have to have proper video function with cameras nowadays, thats the wave of the future! You will get left in the dust if you don't future proof your products and Canon really lost out big time. Im a big fan of the 6D and was hoping for a spark of hope with the 6D mk2 but I don't see any sparks at all.. Just dust..

all my camera for years have had two slots but i only ever use one.  i'll bet not that many peopkle care and if they do they get 5d4

Plenty of people care about the lack of double card slots, just read any comments about this camera on any forum or video. A $2,000 camera should be a professional camera in 2017. Not saying top of the line but to think a $2K camera is beginner or prosumer is a joke. The fact they want you to buy the 5D4 just because it's considered pro is the dumbest reason ever to hinder this 6D. This replacement to the 6D took five years and it still has the dinosaur UHS1 single card slot of the original 6D. Rehashing 5 year old technology in today's world is beyond unacceptable In these high end cameras. Especially when you compare this camera to the Nikon D810 which is now in this price range, this camera doesn't even compare. 

Everyone that is complaining about what is and what isn't... You're all wasting your time typing, talking and whining. THE ONLY way to get any manufacturer to sit up and pay attention is to simply reject the product. Remember, they're NOT really stupid. They're just playing the game and playing the public. Stop giving them free advice, free publicity and advertising! Whether positive or negative every time hundreds of prople "evaluate" a product, the manufactures just sit back and smile. If it sucks then just DROP IT. No sales means no revenue. It's that simple!

Everyone that is complaining about what is and what isn't... You're all wasting your time typing, talking and whining. THE ONLY way to get any manufacturer to sit up and pay attention is to simply reject the product. Remember, they're NOT really stupid. They're just playing the game and playing the public. Stop giving them free advice, free publicity and advertising! Whether positive or negative every time hundreds of prople "evaluate" a product, the manufactures just sit back and smile. If it sucks then just DROP IT. No sales means no revenue. It's that simple!

Everyone that is complaining about what is and what isn't... You're all wasting your time typing, talking and whining. THE ONLY way to get any manufacturer to sit up and pay attention is to simply reject the product. Remember, they're NOT really stupid. They're just playing the game and playing the public. Stop giving them free advice, free publicity and advertising! Whether positive or negative every time hundreds of prople "evaluate" a product, the manufactures just sit back and smile. If it sucks then just DROP IT. No sales means no revenue. It's that simple!

I wasn't happy with the video on my 6D.  It's not pro-quality due to video artifacts, and a clumbsy layout. For video clips, a Sony A7II is just what I need and moire' is not an issue.  

The 6D full-frame sensor is optically necessary, and the stills are pretty good.  In the digital age, I still prefer film (F1-N, T-90, EOS-3, EOS 1N, EOS IV), and if you want "high ISO performance", nothing beats a good tripod and slow shutter speeds.   My latest Canon purchase is the EOS IX Lite (MSRP $600) new in the box, for $30.  The much reviled APS film system (1.25 crop factor) outperforms the current line of Cadillac Canon DLSRs, and it's a superbly engineered rig.   With a more recent Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 lens, the EOS IX Lite is a blazing fast, sharp wide angle camera, effective f = 14-20mm, accepting 77mm filters.  The lens covers APS film format but not 35mm, and the viewfinder image is breathtaking!    (I was going to sell the Tokina)

My sincere compliments to Canon engineers, who probably retired long ago!  Rather than being persuaded to buy this or that by Canon's enormous marketing division, invent your own camera and have fun.  Instead of producing 200 or 1000 digital images in a shoot, see what you can do with a roll of 24 frames.  Try shooting chromes!  (the highest resolution possible with film--a transparency is a finished product)

Film still has a lock on image quality!  (Especially B&W)  Speaking as a physicist, familiar with desitometry (a complete branch of physical science) film has a thousand times the resolution of digital media!  You'll always get lower quality with digital rigs, but it's good enough for low-res commercial destinations.  

Break out your crap-detectors and meter this scene once more...


Stop the romanticism, film?, b&w? not necessary unless for specific applications.  What is up with the hang up of b&w? artsy?  life is colored.  For everyday and commercial applications you can beat the practicality and lower costs of the DSLR and Photoshop.  Of course film has a "better" image, I have Nikon and Leica film based cameras.  They are not practical anymore, except for the mentality "it used to be much better".  By the way, I am a physicist also... move forward and improve .. digital is where is at.  Canon digital full frame - fantastic cameras.  Stop the nostalgia ...

Sadly, Canon has remanined unresponsive to customer requests and refuses to add 4K video to it's DSLR lineup.  4K is a basic attribute with all other manufacturers within this same price range. Even GoPro has had 4K for the last few years! As a wedding  Photo/Video professional, I need to swithch between photos and video throughout the day (depending). If I was strictly photography, then no big deal. I have been slowly migrating to Sony and this just confirms that I was rght.

ONLY the 1D, and that starts at around $6000.00. If you read my comments, i said that  "4K is a basic attribute with all other manufacturers within this same price range." If you need to shoot video as well, and you have not switched to Sony, Panasonic, etc. already, then do it now because your competition already has.

...and people with a case full of Canon lenses are not going to switch brands just because they have to pay a few more dollars for the 5D. 

Canon can only take advantage of their customers for so long  

Just another shot at the foot by Canon


I think Canon has done a nice job here. I am a professional photographer. I am a stills shooter. I wish Canon would give me a great camera without all the needless video crap. I currently own a 1DX and a 7D Mark II. I thought about upgrading to 1DX 2 however why ? There isn't enough upgrades to justify doing it. I see all these a few people talking about Sony. That's a laugh. So I should buy into a system that over heats, is known for crap battery life and a lack luster lens line up. Unless I adapt my canon lenses. I see vast reasons to upgrade to this camera. If you are looking for a full pro video line then there 1DX C is what you should be looking at. 

Good time to buy another 1DX new for a lot less money.  I agree.

Heck, I still shoot with much older 1D cameras and even two  10D cameras if I go into a situation where I think I might lose, or drop the camera. No big, it had a long life. I'll miss the lens that's on it though lol

No 4K video?!!!

Well, after two years of anticipation this is an absolute deal breaker as far as I'm concerned. I won't even be considering this camera. Well, Nikon it is.

ha ha ha , Sony is laughing all the way to the bank , what is the matter with this company they should just stick to lenses or fire the whole staff of engineers and marketing people too not impressed never impressed selling all of my canon gear for cheap 

The whiners and crybabies here crack me up. Try to go to an auto dealership and get a car with every option for the same price as the base model. 

You want 4K video and a headphone jack? You might have to fork over a few more bucks.  WAH!


MG wrote:

The whiners and crybabies here crack me up. Try to go to an auto dealership and get a car with every option for the same price as the base model. 

You want 4K video and a headphone jack? You might have to fork over a few more bucks.  WAH!

Couldn't have said it better myself. Better still are all the babies on YouTube commenting that they are now done with Canon forever because it doesn't have 4K, C-Log, Dual Card slots, and a wider spread AF system (sound like any other Canon camera we know?).

I hope they all follow through, as it'll be a great time to pick up some used gear.

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