Carbon Fiber Comes to Manfrotto’s New Element Traveler Tripod Line


Since their arrival last year, the Manfrotto Element Traveler Tripods have been very popular, and their stock should be on the rise with the introduction of carbon fiber models to the Element Traveler line. Are you tired of trendy terms like “venti” and “grande?” I am. Ugh. Don’t worry, Manfrotto has your back. Like their aluminum stablemates, the new carbon Element Travelers come in two sizes: big and small. Ahhh, yes.

With the Manfrotto Element Carbon Fiber Big Traveler tripod you get the same 17.6-lb load capacity of the aluminum version, but you have saved your back half a pound because the new carbon version weighs 3.1 lb. The Carbon Big also reaches 64.6"—7.5" taller than the aluminum version. The Carbon Fiber Small shaves about a quarter-pound from the aluminum model, while maintaining the same 8.8-lb payload and adding 3.5" to the maximum height. The included aluminum tripod heads are the limiting factor here, obviously.

Manfrotto Element Carbon Fiber Small Traveler Tripod

The Element Carbon Fiber contain all the features of their aluminum friends: a detachable monopod leg on the Big, 5-section twist locks, three adjustable leg angles, a two-section center column on the Small, and more. But, like the Ford Model T, the new carbon versions only come in black; the aluminum tripods offer a wide color selection.