Nikon Reveals Entry-Level Z 5 Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera


Headlining a series of new releases and updates from Nikon is the full-frame Z 5 Mirrorless Digital Camera. Positioned as an entry into Nikon’s mirrorless Z System for FX-format photographers, the Z 5 is aimed at both Nikon newbies as well as longtime FX shooters looking to go mirrorless. Accompanying the Z 5 is the NIKKOR Z 24-50mm f/4-6.3 lens, an ultra-compact zoom with a versatile range. Together the new offerings make an excellent everyday kit, perfect for capturing full-frame imagery while taking up minimal space in your bag. For those looking for even more range, the Z 5 can also be purchased as a kit with the NIKKOR Z 24-200mm f/4-6.3 VR Lens

The Z 5 features a 24.3MP full-frame sensor paired with an EXPEED 6 Image Processing Engine with a native ISO range of 100-51200, extendable to 102400, making it well equipped for a variety of lighting conditions. It is capable of up to 4.5 fps continuous shooting for capturing action and has five stops of 5-axis sensor-shift Vibration Reduction to maintain sharp capture when shooting handheld with Z Series lenses. 

Among the most appealing aspects of Nikon’s Z System for veteran Nikon photographers is the ability to adapt Nikon F-mount lenses with the FTZ Mount Adapter, eliminating the need to start an entirely new lens collection. Three axes of VR are available for adapted Nikon lenses when shooting with the Z 5.  

The Z 5 incorporates a 3.6m-dot EVF, which provides a sharp view whether composing a landscape or tracking wildlife. Likewise, the Z 5 has a tilting 3.2" touchscreen 1.04m-dot LCD equally equipped for still and video capture as well as review. For the manually inclined, the Z 5’s ergonomic grip and joystick control streamline focus point selection and menu navigation on the fly. Speaking of focusing, the Z 5 has a 273-point autofocus system with face, eye, and animal eye AF capabilities. 

The Z 5 is capable of recording UHD 4k 30p video with a 1.7x crop factor as well as Full HD up to 60p. Electronic VR further benefits handheld capture to create smooth footage. Focus Peaking can be used when manually focusing while Zebra Stripes can be used to point out overexposed areas. Face Detect is available for video to make acquiring and maintaining focus easier. Dual UHS-II SD slots allow fast recording, extra storage, and the opportunity to backup while shooting. An 8-bit mini-HDMI port is also included for fast transfer. 

The Z 5 has a 3.5mm stereo jack for connecting an external mic to record sound as well as a headphone jack for live monitoring. For long shoots, USB power can be used so you don’t have to worry about your battery dying mid-recording.

The Z 5 is packed with features for creative applications straight out of camera. Multiple exposure, 4K time-lapse, and interval shooting modes are all possible in camera. You can also pull 8MP stills from video recordings. The Z 5 features built-in SnapBridge for image transfer and remote shooting. Additionally, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities make it easy to communicate with mobile devices. Finally, the Z 5 has a magnesium alloy build with weather-sealed thermoplastic exterior so you can take it out into the wild without worry.

Announced alongside the Z 5, the new NIKKOR Z 24-50mm f/4-6.3 lens is a valuable all-purpose zoom especially useful for event, street, landscape, and even portrait photography. Super compact and portable, it  retracts to just 2.9" to maximize the benefits of the Z 5’s mirrorless form factor. Operation is nearly silent with no focus breathing for video recording.

Further building out the Z System, Nikon has also announced TC-1.4x and TC-2x teleconverters for use with the NIKKOR Z 70-200mm f/2.8 VR S lens, and other upcoming telephoto optics. These teleconverters maintain full AF functionality, VR capabilities, and minimum focusing distances of attached lenses, while losing only 1 and 2 stops of light, respectively, and also sport weather-sealed designs for working in inclement weather.

Accompanying these additions to the Z System, Nikon took this opportunity to introduce a couple of developments in the works. The first is Webcam Beta software, which will allow Z Series and select Nikon DSLRs to be used as webcams via Windows. Additionally, an upcoming Z 50 firmware update will add subject tracking and animal eye AF functionality. 

Which of Nikon’s new products are you most excited about? Let us know in the Comments below.


I have a Z5 and love it.  I think describing it as "entry level full frame mirrorless" is accurate, but misleading, IMO.  Accurate, because it is the lowest priced full frame Nikon mirrorless.  Misleading because, in terms of features, performance and build quality, it is more analogous to the D7xxx DSLRs, which Nikon calls "enthusiast" cameras, which I think is accurate.  The Z5 isn't at all like Nikon's entry level DSLRs and is certainly a cut above them.

As Tricia says, this is probably the camera to buy.  I've been a steady Oly user for the past 25 years, and I've really enjoyed MFT.  But with the uncertainty facing the Oly product lineup nowadays, I doubt seriously that they'll be making many more iterations of enthusiast cameras.  I'm familiar with the Nikon ecosystem from my days with the P series and my wife's D3400.  I'll keep my E-M5iii, but I'll be buying a Z5.

A Comparison chart, comparing the Z 5 with the Z 6 and Z 50 would be really handy.

Does it come with the FTZ adapter, or is that a separate purchase?

Hello Michael,

At the moment, the FTZ adapter is not being offered with the Z5 in a package. The adapter is currently offered on its own.  However, that could change in the future. Stay tuned to our e-mail newsletter for updates. 

When is the Z70-200mm being shipped? Patiently waiting but it has been 7 months since it was announced! Teleconverter is great but we need that trinity lens in our hands.

Same here! Preordered and still waiting ... seems disingenuous to announce it as a kit offering when the lens alone still hasn't shipped.

Hi Kathleen,

While the Nikon NIKKOR Z 70-200mm f/2.8 S Lens is available for pre-order on our site now, we do not have an ETA on it just yet. Upon placing an order for it, you will receive two e-mails: one confirming the order and a second confirming that the item has shipped. We're sorry for the inconvenience. 


According to Nikon USA: The lenses will begin shipping in late August.

Will the teleconverters be usable with F-mount lenses using the FTZ adaptor?

As it stands, the current Z6/Z7 models are able to work with Nikon F mount lenses and their compatible teleconverters, so it should be the same for the Z5. However, Nikon hasn't confirmed this just yet. 

I think Douglas meant if the new Z teleconverters are compatible with the FTZ adapter and the F mount lenses i.e. Z camera+Z teleconverter+FTZ+F mount telephoto lens, which is something I also wonder.

Hello Cengiz,

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that the protrusion on the Z teleconverters will clear the rear element of the adapted F mount lens, since the FTZ puts the lens very close to begin with.  It would be a matter of testing it, which hasn't happened just yet. 

This camera is the one I have been waiting for. Full Frame, Dual SD slots, creative editing and double exposure from any SD card, Time lapse, Snap bridge, Weather-sealed, Image stabilization, and light weight.