Tamron Unveils Impressive All-in-One 18-400mm Zoom Lens


Tamron has done something impressive today with the release of the 18-400mm f/3.5-6.3 Di II VC HLD lens, a world’s-first 22.2x zoom for DSLRs. Designed for APS-C Canon EF and DX Nikon F-mount cameras, this all-in-one lens provides a remarkable 27-600mm equivalent zoom range, meaning you can just throw this on your camera and shoot everything from landscapes to distant action.

To ensure excellent quality throughout the range, this lens incorporates three Low Dispersion (LD) elements and three aspherical elements to combat various aberrations and distortion. It has Vibration Compensation image stabilization to minimize the effects of camera shake by 2.5 stops, something especially useful at the longest telephoto focal lengths. Photographers can also appreciate the HLD (High/Low torque modulated Drive) AF system for fast, accurate, and silent focusing. For added versatility, the 18-400mm features a minimum focus distance of 1.5', which provides a magnification ratio of 1:2.9.

As with all of Tamron’s latest lenses, the 18-400mm features a clean, functional design that is moisture resistant for use in less than ideal weather conditions, and offers a zoom lock for preventing lens creep when not in use. It is also compatible with the TAP-in Console for adjusting the lens’s autofocus and stabilization performance.


Hola, que teleconvertidor le sirve a este lente para Nikon.

Desafortunadamente, esta lente en particular no puede usar un teleconvertidor debido a su mayor distancia focal.

tengo una camara nikon d5300... es compatible y efectiva como se dice...?

Sí, la versión Nikon F de este objetivo es totalmente compatible con su Nikon D5300.

Does this Tamron 18-400mm lens work with Canon EOS Rebel T5i or does it need an adaptor, or just will not work with that model.


It will work perfectly with the T5i. Just make sure to pick up the Canon EF version!

I am thinking that this may be a great lens to replace my Canon 55-250mm lens.  I could see this as an excellent travel lens to take with me instead of carrying my Sigma 18-35 and other lenses.  Do you know if the image quality is better than the 55-250?

How does this 18-400 compare to the 16 - 300 Tamron lens?  I have the latter, but would really like the extra reach of the 400 if the lens has enough improvements  compared to the 16-300 to make it worth the purchase.

I bought Tamron's 16-300 lens but had to send it back to Tamron for 

adjustments before it would work on my Canon EOS 70D.  If I were

to buy Tamron's new 16-400 would I have to send it to Tamron for

tweaking before it would work on my Canon EOS 80D?

Will a model of this lens be made for Pentax? I understand that Pentax's in-camera stabilization is a problem with in-lens stabilizers, but I would buy this lens in an instant if it were available.

 have the same question,,, I shoot pentax and would love this lens,, will they be releasing one for pentax>


I would buy some Pentax one as well.

Will Tamron be making any of these Super Zooms for the Fujifilm X Cameras?

I wish they would.

I have a D5000 and would like to know if this lens works on this camera?

It works with all DX-format Nikon cameras.

When is Tamron going to put out this lens for Sony a6500 cropped sensors and the a7R?

Will this lens work on my Nikon D7100?


Will it work on our Canon 50D?

How would you compare the Tamron 18-400 with the Canon 18-200 as far as sharpness and flare issues?

Will this lens work on Nikon D90?

Will this lens work with a full format Canon 5D?  Or just C?  I have a 28-300 i would like to update if there is a good alternative for a full format.


Looking at the 18-300 to replace a cannon 300 lens that i am having problems with.  Is the new 18-400 comparable to the quality of pictures from the 18-300    Which is the better lens 

I am looking for something for an event August 4.  When would be the earliest this is available?

Will it work with CANON SL1

Yes it is.

How does the focusing system compare with canons stm?

Or is it more like usm?

Hi Baruch,

The focusing system I would say is likely on par with Canon's STM system. If you want USM-type performance you would have to find a Tamron lens with a Ulrasonic Silent Drive (USD) motor.

thanks shawn but while i shoot auto focus video will this lens make noise?

Hi Baruch,

It should be about on par with STM, so it should be quiet enough for video.

I currently use a Tamron all-in-one Di II 18-270.  The extra reach of the 18-400 sounds good to me.  How do the macro capabilities of the 18-400 compare to the 18-270?  How do the extra 130mm affect macro images?  Any gains?  Any losses?

Hi John,

The 18-270mm has a maximum magnification ratio of 1:4 while this new 18-400mm offers a 1:2.9 max ratio, meaning it should actually be able to produce better macro images. Hope this helps!

Will this lens work on cano rebel t3

Hi Wayne,

Yes, it will work on a T3.

Will this work on a Nikon D7200 and auto focus?

Hi Jim,

Yes it will.

Will this work on a Sony a6500 with an adapter ?

Hi Heather,

It should, but if you plan on using an electronic adapter there may be compatibility issues.

Will the new Tamron 1.4 teleconverter work with this lens?

Hi Bob,

No, teleconverters will not work with this lens.

Please is it complatible with the Nikon D 750? Thank you

It will physically fit, but this zoom lens will not cover the full frame.

Will this be compatible with the Canon Rebel T6S?

It is compatible with the T6s.

Any idea when this will come out?

Can you tell me about the weather resistant treatment? Is this an improvement from the 18-300 or about the same?

I am a Boy Scout leader. I have taken the 18-300 (on my Canon SL1) to Philmont, Boundary Waters, and Sea Base with excellent results. Sadly it is giving up the ghost. I tend to take my gear to inhospitable places.



Hi Todd,

While there aren't any specifics on the exact level of weather resistance on this new lens I would presume it to be slightly better than the predecessor. As for when it is going to be released, we currently list an expected availability date of July 21 on our product page. But as always this is subject to change. I recommend you follow an availability changes on the product page.

Will the 18-400 work on my D3100 Nikon?

Would it be a good idea to trade in or sell my 1 year old 18-300 and switch to 18-400?

Patti Greenberg wrote:

Will the 18-400 work on my D3100 Nikon?

Would it be a good idea to trade in or sell my 1 year old 18-300 and switch to 18-400?

Thinking the same thing. I safari in Africa and could use the extra reach. But I do love the Nikon 18-300.

Hi Patti,

The 18-400mm will work just fine on your D3100.

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